Past Postgraduate Seminar Series 06-08

The Senior Postgraduate Seminar is open to all research students in the Department of Philosophy and it runs throughout both the Autumn and Spring semesters (and postgraduates run their own series over the summer). PhD students present papers each week, which are followed by discussion. A hand-out, abstract or draft of the paper is usually circulated in advance. (We traditionally start the year with a paper from a member of staff.) Anyone from outside the department wishing to attend should email Jenny Saul.

Students at a PG Seminar

Meetings are Wednesdays from 3.10 to 5.00pm in Room 11.31 of the Arts Tower. Afterwards we go to the University Arms!

Spring 2008

February 13th Graeme Forbes Why the past can't be abstract
February 20th Victor Cantero Flores Is Logical Necessity the Strongest Form of Necessity?
February 27th Megan Kime A Global Solidaristic Community?
March 5th Julien Murzi Harmony and Multiple Conclusions
March 12th Joshua Forstenzer Deweyan Democracy and the Fact of Reasonable Pluralism
April 16th Andy Thomas Horwich's minimal theory and the dependency of truth on reality
April 23rd Jose Gonzalez Varela Caution and Necessity
April 30th Joe Kisolo-Ssonko What explains the objectivity of knowledge*?
May 14th Jules Holroyd Some relational conditions for autonomous action
May 21st Angela Bird James and Damasio on Emotion
May 28th Sue Lock New Work for a Definition of 'Intrinsic'
June 4th Naoki Usui On invariance accounts of innateness

Autumn 2007

October 3rd Bob Hale Fate
October 10th Julien Murzi and Luca Incurvati How Basic is the Basic Revisionary Argument?
October 17th Jonathan Smith Moral Intuitionism Defended: A Reply to Sinnott-Armstrong
October 24th Jonathan Scarlett Hegel on the Sociality of Freedom
October 31st Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko Group Action, Practical Intersubjectivity and Overcoming the Prisoners Dilemma
November 7th Suilin Lavelle An Alternative View of Folk Psychology
November 21st Robin Scaife Assessing the Situationist Challenge to Agency
November 28th Tom O'Shea Autonomy and Normative Authority
December 5th Heather Arnold The Justice of the Family: Munoz-Darde and the Orphanage
December 12th Davide Rizza Is the Indispensability Argument Flawed?
December 19th Jules Holroyd An Argument Against Substantive Conceptions of Autonomy
January 23rd Sue Lock There's No Advantage in Being Narrow-Minded
January 30th Kate Harrington Transcendental Idealism, Transcendental Arguments and Scepticism

Spring 2007

February 7th Suilin Lavelle Folk Psychological Explanation
February 14th Julien Murzi Eternalism Undermined?
February 21st Joe Morrison Unprincipled Reason: Moral Particularism and Confirmational Holism
February 28th Maria Jose Alcaraz Leon Imaginative Resistance, Moral Evaluations, and Aesthetic Success
March 7th Pablo Cobreros Glanzberg on Assertion and Truth-Value Gaps
March 14th Davide Rizza Michell on Real Numbers and Quantities
April 18th Rich Woodward Modal Fictionalism and the Brock/Rosen objection
April 25th Jose Gonzalez Varela Modal Quasi-Realism and Naturalism
May 2nd Paolo Bonardi Kaplan on Quine's Theorem
May 9th Nick Wiltsher Are Aesthetic Experiences Imaginative Experiences?
May 16th Naoki Usui Theory of Mind and Modularity

Autumn 2006

September 27th Chris Bennett An Expressive Theory of Punishment
October 4th Julien Murzi All Truths Are Known? The Church-Fitch Paradox and the Problem of Transworld Knowability
October 11th Andrew Howat Deflationism Minimalism and Pragmatism
October 18th Jules Holroyd What can Feminists bring to the Free-will Debate?
October 25th Jonathan Smith Hermeneutic Moral Fictionalism and Arguments for Expressivism
November 1st Giles Banning-Lover Scepticism
November 15th Joe Morrison Confirmational Holism and Semantic Holism
November 22nd Megan Kime Cosmopolitanism and Partiality
November 29th Davide Rizza Applied Mathematics: Some Critical Remarks on Field's View
December 6th Graeme Forbes Dynamic Time
December 13th Sean Cordell Does Virtue Ethics Need to Keep it Real?

Spring 2006

February 8th Davide Rizza Broken Symmetries: An Account of Parmenides' Philosophy
February 15th David Owens Duress, Deception and the Validity of a Promise
February 22nd Stellios Tavoularis Hegel, Jacobi and the Concept of History
March 1st Lina Papadaki Kant on Sexuality, Marriage and Friendship
March 8th Leonardo de Mello Ribeiro Are There Self-Supporting Desires?
March 29th Giles Banning-Lover Getting True Belief out of Content Externalism
April 11th Joe Morrison From The Theory-Ladenness Of Observation To Some Form Of Holism
April 26th Rich Woodward Kantian Humilty Revisited
May 3rd Paul Sludds Is the Grim Reaper Really So Grim?
May 10th Anna Wilkinson Ethical Naturalism and Moral Semantics
May 17th Jose Gonzalez Varela Wiggins' Individuative Essentialism and the Function of De Re Modal Judgement
June 7th Esa Diaz Leon Is Chalmers Begging the Question?