Senior Postgraduate Seminar 09-10

This seminar is open to all research students in the Department of Philosophy. It runs throughout both semesters, and the students run their own series over the summer. Each week a student presents a paper, followed by discussion. (The year traditionally starts with a member of staff.) A hand-out, abstract or draft of the paper is usually circulated in advance. Anyone from outside the department wishing to attend should email Rosanna Keefe (

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Meetings are Wednesdays 3:10-5:00 in LT7 in the Arts Tower. Afterwards we normally retire to a nearby pub.

Spring 2010

27th January Tom O'Shea Autonomy and The Foundations of Normativity

3rd February Matthew Jones The Normativity of Meaning: What it Might be and Why You Might Choose to Care about it

10th February Jonathan Payne Making sense of domain expansion and "postulational possibility"

17th February Suilin Lavelle Mirror neurons and the theory of mind debate

24th February David Ekstrand Reciprocity and the Foundations of Legitimacy

3rd March Daniel Herbert Inquiry and Common-sense: Peirce´s debt to Reid

10th March Julien Murzi Proof-theoretic Consequence and the Unprovability of Consistency

17th March Peter Oxtoby The Phenomenal Stance, The Physical Stance and the Intuition of Distinctness

14th April Jan Kandiyali The Conundrum of Marx and Justice

21st April Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko What is a Social Actor?

28th April Naoki Usui Innateness as a Homeostatic Property Cluster Kind

5th May Inga Vermeulen Is Explication a Method to Clarify Concepts?

12th May Laura Beeby Communicative Injustice: A Working Definition

19th May Paniel Reyes Why being a `Scholastic Realist´ does not mean being a `Platonist´: Some Remarks on Charles Peirce´s Account of Realism and the Possibility of Science

26th May Ana Belen Gonzalez Perez An Innocent Theory of Reality

2nd June Jessica Begon Capabilities or Resources? Measuring and Promoting Well-Being

9th June Lindsey Porter Maternal Obligation and Why Adoption is Not Abortion-Lite

Autumn 2009

30th September Helen Frowe Obeying Orders: Responsibility, Duress and War Crimes

7th October Victor Cantero Flores Boghossian on Metaphysical Analyticity and Conventionalism

14th October Tatjana von Solodkoff Meta-ontology and Fictional Characters

21st October Sean Cordell Virtue Ethics and Role Obligations

28th October Graeme Forbes 'When am I?' vs. Zeno's Arrow

4th November Bernardo Aguilera Can Animals Think?

11th November Laura Beeby A Critique of Hermeneutical Injustice

18th November Angela Pepper The Public/Private Divide and Theories of International Justice

25th November Kathy Puddifoot Naturalizing Rationality, the Rationality Debates and Intuitions

2nd December Katie Harrington What Is Transcendental Idealism?

9th December Tyler Mathews Universals and their relations: friend or foe?