Senior Postgraduate Seminar 10-11

This seminar is open to all research students in the Department of Philosophy. It runs throughout both semesters, and the students run their own series over the summer. Each week a student presents a paper, followed by discussion. (The year traditionally starts with a member of staff.) A hand-out, abstract or draft of the paper is usually circulated in advance. Anyone from outside the department wishing to attend should email Rosanna Keefe (

Students at a PG Seminar

Time: Wednesdays 3.10-5.00pm.
Venue: The last seminar will be in Jessop Building, SR 116
Afterwards we retire to a nearby pub.

Autumn 2010

29th September - Daniel Viehoff : Democratic Enfranchisement, Coercion, and Authority

6th October - Katie Harrington : Kant's Distinction Between Appearances and Things in Themselves

13th October - Victor Cantero Flores : Explaining Modality via Essentialism

20th October - Heather Arnold : Universal State-run Childcare Institutions, Care-giving and Equality of Opportunity

27th October - Jonathan Payne : Syntactic Priority Generalised

3rd November - Stephen Wright : Testimonial Justification

17th November - Paul Giladi : Kant and the Sociality of Reason

24th November - Angela Bird : Emotions and the Natural Semantic Metalanguage Framework

1st December - Bernardo Aguilera : Intentionality in Animal Cognition [Postponed due to snow]

8th December - No seminar

15th December - Joshua Fedorko : Is Schopenhauer's thing in itself coherent as an idea?

Christmas break

19th January - Bernardo Aguilera : Intentionality in Animal Cognition

26th January - Jessica Leech : Relative Modality and Fine's Counterexamples

2nd February - Peter Hewkin : How strong must ONE be? Innate concepts of integers

Spring 2011

9th February - Carl Fox : Legitimacy and Obligation in Social Contract Theory

16th February - Paniel Reyes Cardenas : Mathematical Structuralism as Pragmatic Realism

23rd February - Kathy Puddifoot : How natural is knowledge?

2nd March - Jack Wadham : Sensorimotor Contingencies in Alva Noe's Enactivism

9th March - Jonathan Parry : The Role of Authority in Just War Theory

16th March - Frank Arthurs : Do we have Sufficient Reason to Accept the Principle of Sufficient Reason?

23rd March - Naoki Usui : The Distinctiveness of Mental Innateness

30th March - Peter Caven : Moral Conflict and Value Pluralism

6th April - Natasha McKeever : Why does William love Kate?: The Grounds of Romantic Love

4th May - Paul Giladi : Transcendental Arguments: Old Problems, New Directions

11th May - Jessica Begon : Capabilities without Paternalism: A Dilemma for Nussbaum and a New Capability Approach

25th May - Jean-Roch Lauper : Vagueness as Judgements of Comparison with Standards

8th June - Angie Pepper : Cosmopolitanism, Feminism and the Problem of Cultural Imperialism

15th June - Prajesh Unnikrishnan : Some Questions on Propositional Memory