Senior Postgraduate Seminar 08-09

This seminar is open to all research students in the Department of Philosophy. It runs throughout both semesters, and the students run their own series over the summer. Each week a student presents a paper, followed by discussion. (The year traditionally starts with a member of staff.) A hand-out, abstract or draft of the paper is usually circulated in advance. Anyone from outside the department wishing to attend should email Eric Olson (Autumn 08) or Rosanna Keefe (Spring 09).

Students at a PG Seminar

Meetings are Wednesdays 3:10-5:00 in LT8 on the Lower-Ground floor of the Arts Tower. Afterwards we normally retire to a nearby pub.

Autumn 2008

8 October Fiona Woollard Abortion, Violinists, and the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing

15 October Julien Murzi Inferentialism and the Categoricity Problem [beginning at 3:30]

22 October Aaron Bogart Epistemic Self-Trust and Epistemic Rationality

29 October Heather Arnold Justice and the Family

5 November Giles Banning-Lover Triangulation, Normativity, and the Social Aspect of Intentional Content

19 November Tom O'Shea Realisms and Constructivisms about Normativity

26 November Jose Gonzalez Varela A Non-cognitivist Account of a priori Necessity

3 December Victor Cantero Are Some Logical Necessities Contingent?

10 December Katie Harrington Why Should Kant take Descartes Seriously?

17 December Laura Beeby Linguistic Convention and Social Justice

28 January Jon Scarlett Civic Republicanism and the Problem of Particularity

4 February Angela Bird Perspectives on Sexual Jealousy

Spring 2009

11 February Daniel Herbert Kant, Peirce and Transcendental Arguments

18 February Graeme Forbes The `Can I Make a Difference?┬┤ Problem

25 February Josh Forstenzer On the Uselessness of Contemporary Political Philosophy

4 March Margot Strohminger On the Epistemology of Some Very Special Counterfactuals: A Critical Look at Williamson┬┤s Modal Epistemology

11 March Megan Kime Relational and Non-Relational Approaches to Justice

25 March Julien Murzi Carnap's Categoricity Problem and the Meanings of the Logical Constants

1 April Joe Kisolo-Ssonko Bratman's View of Intentional Action

29 April Kathy Puddifoot Re-igniting the Rationality Wars: Rationality, the Norms for Reasoning and Naturalistic Methodology

6 May No seminar

13 May Peter Oxtoby The Causal Argument and the Characterisation of the Physical

20 May Angie Pepper Rawls and The Law of Peoples: A Limit to Toleration?

27th May Nils Stear Reviving the Puzzle of Imaginative Resistance

3rd June David Ekstrand Reasonable Disagreement about Legitimacy

10th June Jamie MacIver Simulation Theory and Errors of Understanding