George Botterill

Selected Publications

'Two Kinds of Causal Explanation'
Theoria (2010) 76, pp.287-313

'Right and Wrong Reasons in Folk-Psychological Explanation'
International Journal of Philosophical Studies
October 2009, Vol 17 (2009), pp.463-88

Filozofia Psychologie
Slovakian translation by Martin Kanovsky and Juraj Hvorecky of Botterill & Carruthers (1999)
Europa: Bratislava, 2008

'The Internal Problem of Dreaming: Detection and Epistemic Risk'
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International Journal of Philosophical Studies
iFirst November 2007, Vol 16 (2008), pp.139-160

'God and First Person in Berkeley'
Vol.82 no.319 (2007), pp.87-114

co-authored with Mark Day
'Contrast, Inference and Scientific Realism'
160 (2008), pp.249-267

'Interface and Cognitive Architecture: Do We Understand Commonsense Psychology Well Enough to Tackle the Interface Problem?'
SWIF Philosophy of Mind Review
Vol.5 No.3 (2006)

'Scientific Essentialism: A critical notice of Scientific Essentialism and The Philosophy of Nature by Brian Ellis'
Philosophical Books
Vol.46, No.2 (2005), pp.118-122.

A Filosofia da Psicologia
Portuguese translation by Rui Alberto Pacheco of Botterill & Carruthers (1999)
Lisbon: Instituto Piaget (2004).

'Hume on Liberty and Necessity'
In P. Millican (ed) Reading Hume on Human Understanding
Oxford: Clarendon Press (2002), pp.277-300.

Filosofia della Psicologia: Un Introduzione
Italian translation by Adria Tissoni of Botterill & Carruthers (1999)
Milan: Il Saggiatore (2001).

G.Botterill, P.Carruthers
The Philosophy of Psychology
Cambridge University Press (1999).

'Folk Psychology and Theoretical Status'
In P. Carruthers and P.K. Smith (eds) Theories of Theories of Mind
Cambridge University Press (1996)

'Beliefs, Functionally Discrete States, and Connectionist Networks: A Comment on Ramsey, Stich, and Garon'
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
45 (1994), pp.899-906.

'Recent Work in Folk Psychology'
Philosophical Quarterly
44 (1994), pp.246-251.

'Human Nature and Folk Psychology'
[For a preview version of the volume in which this paper appears: Click here]
In C. Gill (ed) The Person and the Human Mind
Oxford: Clarendon Press (1990), pp.165-85.