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Bob Hale
Abstract Objects

Bob Hale, Crispin Wright
A Companion to the Philosophy of Language

Bob Hale, Crispin Wright
The Reason's Proper Study : Essays towards a Neo-Fragean Philosophy of Mathematics
Oxford University Press

Bob Hale
Necessary Beings: An Essay on Ontology, Modality, and the Relations between them
Oxford University Press 2013

Selected Articles

On the logic of attitudes (with rely to Simon Blackburn)
Haldane & Wright (eds), Reality, Representation and Projection
OUP 1993

Physicalism and Mathematics
Robinson (ed). Objections to Physicalism
OUP 1993

Bob Hale, Crispin Wright
Nominalism and the Contingency of Abstract Objects
Journal of Philosophy
Vol.89, No. 3, 2001

Singular Terms (2)
McGuinness & Oliveri (eds), The Philsophy of Michael Dummett
Kluwer, 1994

Is Platonism epistemologically bankrupt?
The Philosophical Review
Vol 103, No. 2, 1994

Dummett's critique of Wright's attempt to resuscitate Frege
Philosophia Mathematica (3)
Vol 2, 1994

Bob Hale, Crispin Wright
A reductio ad surdum? Field on the contingency of mathematical objects
Vol 103, No. 410, 1994

Modal fictionalism - a simple dilemma, and
A desperate fix

vol.55 no.2, 1995

Singular terms (1)
Schirn (ed), Frege: Importance and Legacy Perspectives in Analytical Philosophy
Walter de Gruyter, 1996

Structuralism's unpaid epistemological debts
Philosophia Mathematica (3)
Vol 4, 1996

Absolute necessities
Philosophical Perspectives
Vol 10, 1996

Grundlagen 64
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society

Realism and its oppositions
A Companion to the Philosophy of Language
Blackwell 1997

Rule-following, objectivity and meaning
A Companion to the Philosophy of Language
Blackwell 1997

Bob Hale, Crispin Wright
Putnam's model-theoretic argument against metaphysical realism
A Companion to the Philosophy of Language
Blackwell 1997

A Companion to the Philosophy of Language
Blackwell 1997

The epistemological challenge to platonism
Schirn (ed) The Philosophy of Mathematics Today
Clarendon Press, Oxford 1988

On some arguments for the necessity of necessity
Vol 108, No. 429, 1999

Arithmetic Reflection without Intuition
Aristotelian Society Supplementary
Volume 73, 1999

Transmission and Closure
Philosophical Issues
Vol 10 - Skepticism, 2000

Reals by abstraction
Philosophia Mathematica (3)
Vol 8, 2000

Abstraction and Set Theory
Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
Vol 41, No. 4, 2000

Bob Hale, Crispin Wright
Implicit definition and a Priori
Peacocke & Boghossian (eds) New Essays on the A Priori
Oxford University Press 2001

Can arboreal knotwork help Blackburn out of Frege's abyss?
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Vol LXV, No.1, 2002

Bob Hale, Crispin Wright
Benecerraf's Dilemma Revisited
European Journal of Philosophy
Vol 10, No. 1, 2002

Real Numbers, Quantities and Measurement
Philosophia Mathematica (3)
Vol 10, 2002

Basic Logical Knowledge
O'Hear (ed), Logic, Thought and Language: Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 51
Cambridge University Press, 2002

The Source of Necessity
Philosophical Perspectives
Vol 16, 2002

Knowledge of Possibility and Necessity
Proceedings of The Aristotelian Society
Vol 103, 2002

The Necessity of Identity
Logica Yearbook

Real Numbers and Set Theory - extending the Neo-Fregean Programme beyond Arthmetic

Putnam's Retreat: Some reflections on Hilary Putnam's Changing Views about Metaphysical Necessity'
French & Wettstein (eds), Midwest Studies in Philosophy 2004
Vol XXVIII, The American Philosophers

Mathematical Knowledge
van Woudenberg, Roeser & Rood (eds), The Epistemology of Basic Belief
Ontos Verlag, 2005

Bob Hale, Crispin Wright
Logicism in the 21st Century
Shapiro (ed): The Oxford Handbook in the Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
Oxford, 2005

Universals and Particulars - Ramsey's Scepticism
Strawson & Chakrabarti (eds): Universals, Qualities, Concepts: New Essays on Meaning of Predicates
Ashgate 2006

Critical review of Kit Fine’s The Limits of Abstraction
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Vol 72, Issue 1, 2006

Into the Abyss (Critical study of Graham Priest: Towards Non-Being—The Logic and Metaphysics of Intentionality
Philosophia Mathematica (3)
Vol 15, 2007

Kit Fine on The Limits of Abstraction
Travaux de Logique du CdRS
Vol 18, 2007

Properties and the interpretation of second-order logic
Philosophia Mathematica
(III) 21, 2013


Miller & Colliva (eds) Festschrift for Crispin Wright

Critical Notice of Richard Heck, Jnr. Frege’s Theorem

Modest second-order logic
Synthese special issue, eds Gila Sher & Otavio Bueno

Bolzano’s definition of analytic propositions
Sandra Lapointe, ed. Festschrift for Peter Simons