Stephen Makin

Recent publications

'Energeia and Dunamis'
Oxford Handbook on Aristotle, ed Christpher Shields (OUP)

'About Time For Aristotle: A Critical Study of Ursula’s Coope’s Time For Aristotle’
Philosophical Quarterly
57 (2007)

Aristotle's Metaphysics Theta: Translation and Commentary
Oxford University Press

'Melissus and His Opponents: The Argument of DK 30 B 8'
50 (2005)

'What Does Aristotle Mean by Priority in Substance?'
Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy
24 (2003)

'How Many Ways Can a Capacity be Exercised?'
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society
Suppl. vol., 2000

'Causality and Derivativeness'
Logic, Cause and Action: Essays in Honour of Elizabeth Anscombe
edited Roger Teichmann (Cambridge University Press, 2000)

'Aristotle's Two Modal Theses Again'
vol. 44, 1999

'Megarian Possibilities'
Philosophical Studies

Indifference Arguments
Blackwell, Oxford

'An Ancient Principle about Causation'
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society
91 (1991)

'Aquinas, Natural Tendencies and Natural Kinds'
New Scholasticism
63 (1989)

'The Indivisibility of the Atom'
Archiv fur Geschichte der Philosophie
71 (1989)

'The Ontological Argument'
63 (1988)

'How can we find out what Ancient Philosophers said?'
33 (1988)

'Aristotle on Unity and Being'
Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society
214 (1988)