Spring 2012 Reading Groups



Reading an assortment of articles in feminist philosophy, according to interests of participants. See the Feminist Philosophy Blog.

Monday 13:00-14:00, Jenny's office.

Jenny Saul



The group meets weekly and discusses “A Theory of Justice” by John Rawls.

Monday 14:00-15:00, D01, 45 Victoria Street

Jessica Begon


Moral Psychology

Each week, we read and discuss an article or chapter from a book on the theme of moral psychology, broadly construed. We are particularly focused on the intersection between descriptive accounts of moral psychology and normative ethics/political theory, although participants are welcome to suggest readings which cover any issues related to the field.

Tuesday 15:00-16:00, D07, 45 Victoria Street

Peter Caven

Cognitive Science

We read and discuss recent research and review papers in cognitive sicence.  Members of this interdisciplinary group currently include postgraduates, postdocs and staff from the departments of psychology, philosophy and linguistics

Tuesdays 17:00-18:00, Jessop West, Hub 3

Philipp Rau


Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit

This reading group slowly struggles through Hegel's Phenomenology.

Wednesday 12:00-13:00, B09, 45 Victoria Street

Charlotte Alderwick


Derek Parfit’s Reasons and Persons

We’re reading Derek Parfit’s Reasons and Persons. We usually meet at 2 upstairs in the attic, but that time is often changed to suit various interests.

Wednesday 14:00-15:00, D07, 45 Victoria Street

Carl Fox



The group meets weekly and, in line with the interests of the participants, discusses writings on some of the central themes within contemporary metaphysics. We select a theme and read a selection of papers around that theme, before moving on to another. The group is currently focussing on issues surrounding freedom and determinism, having previously looked at modality, causation and laws of nature. Amongst others, we have read papers by van Inwagen, David Lewis, Stalnaker, Schaffer and Menzies.

Thursday 12:30-13:30, D01, 45 Victoria Street

Nicola Kemp and Stephen Wright



Political Philosophy

We discuss articles and book chapters, covering a wide range of topics in political philosophy.

Thursday 15:00-16:00, D01, 45 Victoria Street

Jessica Begon



Currently Reading C.I.Lewis' classic 'Mind and The World Order', but in general we read work by, or about, the American Pragmatists C.S. Peirce, William James, John Dewey or C.I. Lewis.

Thursday 16:00-17:00, D01, 45 Victoria Street

Graeme Forbes



The group meets to discuss writings on a variety of themes within contemporary epistemology. Each week, one of the members suggests a reading for the following week. Topics thus far have included scepticism, the nature of knowledge, and the internalism/externalism controversy.

Friday 10:00-11:00, C12, 45 Victoria Street

Stephen Wright



The group meets weekly and discusses readings in various areas of aesthetics, in line with the interests of the members of the group.

Friday 11:00-12:00, C12, 45 Victoria Street

Kate Harrington


Mind and World

John McDowell's 'Mind and World' is one of the most important philosophical works of the late 20th century. It is also notoriously difficult to understand. In this reading group, we hope to go through the entirety of this seminal piece of literature and understand the complexities of McDowell's arguments. The text should appeal to those interested in epistemology, Kant, Hegel, philosophy of mind, meta-ethics and aspects of metaphysics.

Friday 13:00-14:00, B09, 45 Victoria Street

Paul Giladi


Autumn 2011 Reading Groups Contact
To see what the Feminism reading group is working on now check out the Feminist Philosophy Blog.

Jenny Saul


Political Philosophy
This semester we will be reading a variety of articles and book chapters. What
we read is decided by members of the group and is not limited to a particular
time period or strand in political philosophy.

Mondays at 3.10pm in Room D01 in the attic of the Philosophy Department, 45
Victoria Street.

Angie Pepper


Philosophy of Society

We will be reading Margaret Gilbert's "On Social Facts" and work related to this.

Joe Kisolo-Ssonko


Parfit's "Reasons and Persons"

Carl Fox



We are thinking of looking at Peirce's views on embodiment, starting
off with Skagestad (1999), “Peirce's Inkstand as an external
embodiment of mind”

Graeme Forbes


Ethics and Emotion

We cover a wide range of texts which broadly cover the topic

Pete Cavern


Philosophy of Psychiatry

We are looking at readings concerning the nature of mental illness, including conceptual, social and epistemological issues related with it.

Kathy Puddifoot


McDowell's "Mind and World"

Paul Giladi