Spring 2013 Reading Groups



Tuesdays 2-3 in Jenny Saul's office

Katharine Jenkins


We read mainly contemporary papers in metaethics, broadly construed. Mondays at 12 in B7, Victoria Street

Richard Healey

Moral and Political Philosophy Research Group

Every other Thursday at 5 in B9, Victoria Street.  For the latest details, see this link.

Richard Healey


Wednesday 3, attic room, Victoria Street

Stephen Wright

German Idealism

Monday 4-5 in Jessica Leech's office

Joe Saunders

Schelling's Philosophical Investigations into the Essence of Human Freedom

Monday 3-5, Bob Stern's office

Joe Saunders

Political Philosophy

Tuesday 5, attic room, Victoria Street

Carl Fox

Autumn 2012 Reading Groups


19th- and 20th-Century Continental Philosophy

Wednesday 12, room B9, 45 Victoria Street

Ahmad Fattah

Cognitive Science

Tuesday 5, Jessop West Hub 3

Philipp Rau

Philosophical Investigations 

Wednesday 1, Attic Room, 45 Victoria Street

Jack Wadham


Tuesday 2, Jenny's office, 45 Victoria Street

Jenny Saul


Monday 4, room B20, 45 Victoria Street

Jessica Begon


Thursday 4, Attic Room, 45 Victoria Street

Paniel Reyes Cardenas


Wednesday 12, Attic Room, 45 Victoria Street

Stephen Wright