Understanding Value XI

Understanding Value XI 2022, to be held on 22nd/24th March, in a hybrid format, will be the eleventh annual instalment of the University of Sheffield’s successful postgraduate conference.

Understanding Value

We take “value” to be broadly construed: Since this topic permeates many different questions in our general philosophical discourse, and various fields within our discipline face questions concerning the nature and application of value, our conference welcomes submissions from all areas of philosophy. This includes, but is not limited to, ethics (meta-, normative, and applied), aesthetics (including the philosophy of literature, film, fine arts, and so on), epistemology (individual or social), political philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of medicine, history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, meta- philosophy, and metaphysics. Further, we welcome inter- and transdisciplinary contributions, provided that they have strong connections to philosophical discussions of value.

In the past, the conference has received many high-quality submissions from speakers across the UK and beyond. The excellent talks given at the last nine conferences have made for an extremely philosophically stimulating environment. Presentations have covered topics from all major areas in philosophy, e.g. presentations on (epistemic) justice and injustice, philosophy of mind, on the notion of value and morality in the history of philosophy or moral realism, just to name a few.

Please, find more details and the Call for Abstract at https://understandingvalue.weebly.com/

This event has received funding by the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities

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