White Rose Aesthetics Forum

The Forum is a collaboration between those working in philosophical aesthetics at the Universities of Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and York.

It meets approximately 2-3 times per year.

Next Meeting

17th July 2018, Sheffield, Jessp Building Ensemble Room 1


Louise Richardson (York) – Fraudulent Food
Aaron Meskin (Leeds) – The Social Construction of an Aesthetic Kind: ‘Foodie’ and Foodies 
Lisa Heldke (Gustavus Adolphus) - Socrates Was a Parasite: Relations Between Literal and Metaphorical Meanings of Parasitism

Previous meetings

26th May 2017, Leeds

Peter Lamarque (York): 'Some implications of transparent and opaque modes of reading narratives'
Britt Harrison (York): 'Cinematic Humanism: Hylomorphism and In a Lonely Place'
James Harold (Mount Holyoke College): 'Turning a work of literature into a movie: some puzzles about adaptation'

9th June 2015, Sheffield

Filippo Contesi (York): 'Disgust's Transparency'
Dawn Wilson (Hull): 'Composing, Performing, Arranging, Improvising and Sampling: Photographers Creating Art'
Nick Zangwill (Hull): 'Aesthetic Judgement and Correctness'

7th June 2013, Hull

Dr Daniel Came (Hull) 'Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on the phenomenology of aesthetic experience'
Professor Lambert Wiesing (Jena) 'The Pause of Participation: On the Function of Artificial Presence'
Dr Nick Wiltsher (Leeds) 'Objects: Imaginary, Irreal and Aesthetic'

Monday June 18th 2012, York

Peter Lamarque (University of York) 'Thought theory and the opacity of narrative'
Catherine Wilson (University of Aberdeen) 'Grief and the Poet'

Tuesday December 13th 2011, Leeds

Robin Le Poidevin (Leeds) 'Photographs and possibilia'
Rob Hopkins (Sheffield) 'Sculpting in Time? Temporal inflection & our experience of film'

Monday June 13th 2011, Sheffield

Áine Kelly (Edinburgh & York) "A Dance of Frenzy, A Dance of Praise': Fred Astaire Acknowledges America"
Aaron Meskin (Leeds) "The Trouble with Aesthetics: The Unreliability of Aesthetic Judgment and Aesthetic Testimony"

Monday December 6th 2010, York

Margaret Moore (Leeds) "The Contents of Auditory Imagination"
Cain Todd (Lancaster) "Fitting Attitudes and Aesthetic Values"

Monday 19th April 2010, Leeds

Matthew Kieran (Leeds) "Artistic Integrity"
David Owens (Sheffield) “Pleasure and Beauty”

Monday 7th December 2009, York

Aaron Meskin (Leeds) "Instances as Artworks"
Peter Lamarque (York) “Art for Art’s Sake”

Tuesday September 22nd 2009, Sheffield (Humanities Research Institute), one-day conference on The Unity of Imagining

Robert Hopkins (Sheffield) 'Imagining the Past'
Jonathan Ichikawa (Arché, St. Andrews) 'Imaginability: Improbability, Impossibility, and Resistance'
Kathleen Stock (Philosophy, Sussex) 'What kind of content does a mental image have?'
Jonathan Weinberg (Philosophy, Indiana) 'Imagine What?: Imaginative Underdetermination & The Task of the Audience'

Wednesday March 25th 2009, Leeds

Matthew Kieran (Leeds) 'On Creativity'
Robert Hopkins (Sheffield) 'Factive Pictorial Experience: What's Really Special about Photographs?'

Wednesday October 29th 2008, Sheffield

Dominic Gregory (Sheffield) 'Pictures, pictorial contents and vision'
Alix Cohen (Leeds) 'Kant on the ugly'