Administrative Duties of Academic Staff


Head of Department

Rosanna Keefe

Director of 1st-Year Studies (and Director of Postgraduate Tutors)

Director of 2nd- and 3rd-Year Studies

Director of Learning and Teaching

Dominic Gregory

Director of Graduate Studies

Undergraduate Admissions Director

Bob Stern

Postgraduate Admissions Director

Jimmy Lenman

Postgraduate Funding Adviser

Jimmy Lenman

MA Political Theory Director

Megan Blomfield

MA Cognitive Studies Director

Luca Barlassina

Religion, Theology and the Bible Director

Mark Finney

Erasmus/Study Abroad Coordinator

Chris Marshall

Careers Liaison Officer (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Niall Connolly

Library Coordinator

Director of Research

Stephen Laurence

Director of Hang Seng Centre

Stephen Laurence

Department Seminar Organiser

Niall Connolly

Philosophy in the City Coordinator

Josh Forstenzer

Philosophy at the Showroom Organisers

Yonatan Shemmer, Bob Stern

Dual Degrees Coordinator

UG Dual Admissions

Niall Connolly

Alumni Officer

Niall Connolly

Disabled Students' Tutor

Women's Tutor

Rosanna Keefe

Caregivers' Tutor

Mature Students' Tutor

Ethics Reviewer

Director of Research

Stephen Laurence

Director of Impact and External Engagement

Stephen Laurence

Reading Weekend Organizer

Megan Blomfield

Timetables Officer

Paul Faulkner

Undergraduate Conference and Journal Link

Niall Connolly

Equality and Diversity Representative

Jenny Saul