Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee (EDC) is made up of undergraduate, graduate and staff volunteers, and exists to ensure that the Sheffield Philosophy Department is as equal and diverse a community as possible.  We are keen to make sure that the department does all  it can to actively support and include each and every member, both students and staff.  We aim to attend to all aspects of diversity, such as:

  • age
  • caregiving responsibilities
  • disability
  • gender
  • learning difficulties
  • mental health
  • nationality
  • race
  • sexuality
  • socioeconomic/class background

We meet once per semester, and everyone is welcome to come to these meetings. We especially encourage the participation of volunteers who identify as members of minority or under-represented groups. Calls for volunteers to serve on the committee will be circulated by email. If you miss the email, but would like to be involved, you can still do so by emailing the current EDC Chair.

Please note that there is no selection process to be on the EDC. This means that anyone who wants to volunteer could get on the committee. If you would like to know who is currently on the committee, please email the current chair.

Current Chair

Anna Klieber


Current staff Equality and Diversity Representative

Robbie Morgan

Helpful Links

Disability Support
Student Services
Mature Students
Gender Identity Policy

We would like to hear your suggestions for improving equality and diversity within the department.  Please complete this form to tell us about any issues you would like to be raised with the Equality and Diversity Committee. You can remain anonymous if you wish, but if you would like a reply from us, please include an email address (you can create a temporary email if you'd like). Please note that if you do not leave an email address we will still try our very best to address your report, but this limits what we can do since all we’ll have to address the suggestions or problems that you raise is the information you provide us with in the form.

You can also email us at: phil-edc@sheffield.ac.uk.