Our PhD Students

Francesco Antilici

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Francesco works in the philosophy of psychology. His thesis is on social cognition and its development. He is also interested in the philosophy of mind more generally and in the philosophy of language.

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Simon Barker

Simon Barker

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Graham Bex-Priestley


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Joshua Black

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Josh works on classical pragmatism. He is particularly interested in Peirce's metaphysics, whether that metaphysics is compatible with pragmatism, and whether a Peircean metaphysical pragmatism has anything useful to say to the anti-metaphysical strain within contemporary pragmatism.

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Stephen Bolton


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Lewis Brooks

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Lewis’ main interests are in Metaethics and Philosophy of Language but he also enjoys researching Normative Ethics and Empiricism. His thesis defends an Expressivist account of moral language against influential objections in the literature.

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Wungtei Buchem

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Giulia Casini

Photograph of Giulia Casini

Giulia works in Philosophy of Language and Logic. Her main interests are Conditionals and her project concerns the Possible Worlds' account for Counterfactuals. She is also generally interested in Feminism and Philosophy of Science.

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Adriana Clavel Vazquez


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Patrick Connolly

Photo of Patrick Connolly

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Charlie Crerar

Photo of Charlie Crerar

Charlie's research focuses on the nature of intellectual vices, character traits like closed-mindedness, dogmatism, and bias that render us deficient as knowers in some way. He's also interested in other issues in social and virtue epistemology, as well as topics in moral and political philosophy.

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Matthew Cull

Photo of Matthew Cull

Matthew works on anti-essentialist approaches to gender, attempting to bring together feminist theory and contemporary analytic metaphysics. They also have interests in the philosophy of action and epistemology.

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Henry Cusworth

Photo of Henry Cusworth

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Gnanadas Danam

Photograph of Gnanadas Danam

Gnanadas works on the concept of Firstborn in Judaism and in Indian religious thinking. His research aims to uncover the religious similarities and differences in these two religions about the concept of the firstborn. The hardcore question is to look at the reason behind the demand to consecrate all the firstborn in the Hebrew Bible and the practice of child sacrifice in both religions. Though the child sacrifice ceased to exist in Judaism, why it is not in Indian religious practices?

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Alexandre Duval

Photograph of Alexandre Duval

I work in philosophy of psychology. My thesis is about the cognitive mechanisms underlying spatial navigation and the role they play in the acquisition of geometric concepts and mature knowledge about formal Euclidean geometry.

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Anthony Eagan

Photo of Anthony Eagan

Anthony is interested in Kierkegaard; the relationship between aesthetics and ethics; interpersonal communication; and the possibility of secular faith.

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Anton Eriksson

Photo of Anton Eriksson

Anton's research is on climate ethics and the ethics of consumption. In particular, he's concerned with individual moral responsibility and the issue of accounting for greenhouse gas emissions in international trade. Other interests include applied ethics and normative ethics in general, as well as social philosophy.

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Soad Eshkal


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Ahmad Fattah


Ahmad's research is on the conjunction between History of Philosophy, Ethics, and Pragmatism. His thesis is an immanent critique of Alasdair MacIntyre's project, utilizing a genealogical approach and employing Hilary Putnam's Pragmatism.

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Diego Feinmann

Diego is interested in Semantics, Pragmatics and Psycholinguistics.

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Carlos Felippe


Carlos is mainly interested in moral philosophy, particularly the ethics of personal relationships such as friendship.

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Trystan Goetze


Trystan's research draws on virtue ethics, feminist epistemology, and pragmatism, with the occasional dip into cognitive science. His PhD thesis is about our ethical responsibilities for the concepts we use, especially our concepts of social groups. Other interests include the history of philosophy, the philosophy of education, and metaphilosophy.

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Isela Gonzalez Vazquez

Photo of Isela Gonzalez Vazquez

Isela works on Feminism and Philosophy of Science. Her PhD focuses on the role of values in science, with a particular focus on underdetermination. She is also interested in Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Sex and Philosophy of Race.

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Angela Grünberg

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Robin Hamon

Photo of Robin Hamon

Robin is a member of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) and the Department of Philosophy. Robin has been awarded a SIIBS scholarship to undertake his PhD research which explores the Eden narrative, Gen. 2:4b-3:24, using material ecocritical theory and methodology.

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Richard Hassall


Richard is a former clinical psychologist, having worked previously in children's mental health services. He is interested in the philosophy of psychopathology, and in how issues in philosophy of science may bear on this.

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James Headlong

Photo of James Headlong
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William Hornett

Photo of William Hornett

Will's research is on the relationship between political structures and metaphysical accounts of action, perception, and free will. He is trying to show how political structures can constrict people's agential capacities, and their freedom therein. He is also interested in the philosophy of science, phenomenology (especially Merleau-Ponty!), and Marxist philosophy and political economy.

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Reid Humble

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Maria Kasmirli


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Brendan Kelters

Photo of Brendan Kelters
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Miklos Kurthy


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Damiano La Manna

Photo of Damiano La Manna

Damiano has a BA from the University of Palermo and an MA from the University of Leiden.  His PhD research is on phenomenal consciousness and its relation to perception.  Other interests include ancient and medieval philosophy.

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James Lewis

Photo of James Lewis

James is mainly interested in social obligations and social norms, but also in Continental philosophy and pragmatism.

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Neri Marsili

Photo of Neri Marsili

Neri completed his BA and MA at the University of Torino. His main research interests are in pragmatics, epistemology and aesthetics. His PhD focuses on the concept of lying and its role in epistemology and philosophy of language.

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Joshua Matthews


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Andrew Garford Moore


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Robbie Morgan

Photo of Robbie Morgan

Robbie works on sexual ethics and feminist philosophy. Specifically, his PhD research focuses on the moral significance of the sexual nature of sexual acts and the wrongness of sexual violations. He is also interested in applied ethics more generally, as well as political and legal philosophy.

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Royston Morgan

Photograph of Royston Morgan

Royston's doctorate is on Obadiah - a book of the Bible that has never received this magnum opus attention in any university. The cut and thrust of the thesis is that a careful and rigorous investigation of Obadiah uncovers a diachronic and synchronic theological unity. This investigation also brings to light some new findings worthy of scholars' enquiries.

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Siobhan Moriarty

Photo of Siobhan Moriarty

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Gonzalo Nunez Erices

Photo of Gonzalo Nunez Erices

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Ashley Pennington

Photo of Ashley Pennington

Ashley's research is concerned with the way in which representations of ethnic minorities limit what members of those groups are able to do with their words and what ability that may have in marking power. She is trained in both continental and analytic philosophy and received a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oregon in 2012. Her MLitt research (Glasgow 2013) focused on the ethical dimensions of derogatory words.

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Maria Pietrini Sanchez

Photo of Maria Pietrini Sanchez
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David Strohmaier

David Strohmaier

David's thesis concerns group agency and related sociological phenomena including large scale social problems like global warming and transnational economics crises. His research is based on the Hegelian and classical Pragmatist tradition as well as sociological theory. A further interest of his is classical anarchist theory (e.g. Max Stirner).

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Simon Stubbs


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Joshua Thomas


Josh's PhD research focuses on the relationship between human mortality and the meaning of life. He is also interested in immortality and the harmfulness of death in general, along with other areas of applied ethics and political philosophy.

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Rosa Vince

Rosa Vince

Rosa’s main research interests are in feminism and philosophy of sex. Her thesis covers ‘the feminist sex wars’, discussing sadomasochism, prostitution and pornography and attempting to appreciate harm-based concerns of radical feminists, as well as considerations of liberty and approaches from feminist sex radicals. Rosa is also interested in other areas of feminism and questions surrounding sex, gender and sexuality, other areas of philosophy of sex, and philosophy of race.

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Pinelopi Voutsina


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Sam Waters


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J Noël West

Photo of Jessica West

Noël's research is in neuroscience and ethics. More specifically, how neuroscientific findings interact with ethical and metaethical theories and their applications. Additional interests include artificial intelligence, epistemology, and existentialism.

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Neil Williams


Neil’s thesis is on Classical Pragmatism, particularly the metaphysics and ethics of William James. More specifically, he hopes to look at James’ philosophy of nature and its environmental import. He’s also interested in post-Kantian philosophy, from German Idealism to Phenomenology.

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Freda Wilner

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Victor Wolemonwu

Photo of Victor Wolemonwu
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