Profile: Stephen Stich


Stephen Stich has been an Honorary Professor in the Department since 2005.  He holds a Board of Governors Professorship in Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Rutgers University, USA. He has been involved with the Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies at Sheffield for many years, and is a core group member and member of the Organizing Committee for the AHRC Culture and the Mind Project.

Stephen's main philosophical interests are in the philosophy of mind, epistemology, the philosophy of biology and moral psychology. In recent years he has been involved in projects exploring the extent to which philosophically important intuitions vary form one culture to another. He has also taken an active role in organizing a multi-disciplinary project aimed at understanding the psychological mechanisms underlying the acquisition and implementation of moral norms. The group working on that project includes philosophers, anthropologists and psychologists. It has undertaken empirical studies on moral judgement both within Western culture and cross-culturally, and has worked on theories to explain the biological and cultural influences on the evolution of morality. The moral psychology project has also led to a series of papers exploring the implications of these findings for debates in moral philosophy.

Stephen was a Leverhulme Visiting Professor in the department from March to May 2009, and taught a graduate course on Experimental Philosophy during this period. He also gave a series of four Leverhulme Lectures on Moral Psychology, which area available here.  He will continue to visit Sheffield periodically as an honorary member of staff.

Selected Publications: