"If it weren’t for my being at The University of Sheffield, I wouldn’t be living my dream job."

Alexander Isembard, Philosophy BA alumni.
Alexander Isembard
Musician, Isembard's Wheel
BA Philosophy
Musician Alexander Isembard shares how his study of Philosophy has influenced his lyric-writing abilities, passion and sincerity in his work.

Where did life take you after graduation?

I have been based in Sheffield since graduating in 2013, however the job takes me a few different places around the region and country, most often for music festivals. This year, we shall be headlining Warwick Folk, playing Exile in Derby and back up to Sheffield in time for Tramlines, for example.

How has your experience at Sheffield helped you during your career?

If it weren’t for my being at The University of Sheffield, I wouldn’t be living my dream job. In my line of work, individuality of attitude and expression are key components, and my degree has certainly helped me to write lyrics with meanings and messages that really resonate with our audience.

What is your current job like?

Running I.W. means being prepared for a fast-paced lifestyle and a good head for time-management and initiative. The music world is inhospitable at first, but sincerity and passion above all have so far always seen us through.

What advice do you have for current philosophy students?

Be honest with yourself and you can always rely on the fact that you are then the individual best qualified to know where you should be and what you should do. Be a rebel, think outside the box, but always retain that sincerity and let passion lead your way.

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