The opportunities that I had at University allowed me to prepare for my teacher training year

Elizabeth Green, BA Philosophy and Religion
Elizabeth Green
Recent graduate
BA Philosophy and Religion
We spoke to Elizabeth Green, 2019 Graduate, on her graduation week.
Elizabeth Green, BA Philosophy and Religion

Tell us about studying Philosophy and Religion. First, how do these different subjects work together?

The reason that I believe Philosophy and Religion work so well together is that both complement one another because you have to be analytical and critical about the philosophical arguments posed or interpretation of the canonical texts which you find within religion. Furthermore, these subjects allow you to delve deeper into the history of the world, whether that be in ancient Greece with Socrates and Plato or in antiquity and studying traditions which make up major religions.

I believe that combining these subjects is a brilliant idea. It allowed me to have more diversity and each module was something I was fascinated in. For example, I took the Philosophy of Sex (a Philosophy module), and Gender and Religion (a Religion module) and then Philosophy of Law, in my final year. Studying law, sex and gender meant that I would never get bored. Also, I found that certain modules complemented each other wonderfully, such as Philosophy or Sex with Gender and Religion.

I also think that it is amazing that the University of Sheffield has the option for you to take modules in different departments. While I was studying Philosophy and Religion I also did two English Literature modules, which I adored. Having not done English Literature since GCSEs I found it such fun to rekindle my love for Shakespeare and analysing texts about theatre.

How has your degree helped with your career prospects?

The opportunities that I had at University allowed me to prepare for my teacher training year. The Philosophy of Education module gave me a taster of what it will be like to be Miss Green, the RE teacher, with lesson planning and teaching Philosophy to real students from local schools. I also did a workplace learning module based on my part-time work, and I wrote an essay on how the Lush Cosmetics challenges gender binaries, and campaigns for gender equality.

The Philosophy department and lecturers on religion at the University of Sheffield are incredible. I felt entirely supported, especially in my final year, because they know how significant it is to your future. I cannot thank them enough!

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