Philosophy in the City

An award-winning outreach project, run entirely by student volunteers from the University of Sheffield’s Philosophy department.

Philosophy in the City 2019 committee

My university experience would have been significantly different without PinC - aside from the educational aspect of volunteering, I believe PinC is also about creating a community of people who value the pragmatic aspect of philosophy and are willing to share it with others.

Andreea Huidan

Former Committee Member

Philosophy in the City (PinC) is an award-winning outreach project, run entirely by student volunteers from the University of Sheffield’s Philosophy department. PinC volunteers go into schools and other institutions to facilitate philosophical discussion, encouraging pupils and residents to think critically about philosophical problems and develop their own ideas. They aim to promote opportunities for people of any age or background to engage with Philosophy and to make Philosophy a subject that is of use and value to both the individual and society.

Any student at the University of Sheffield can volunteer with PinC, but some projects require you to have some previous experience of philosophy. Recent project partners include various local primary schools, a specialist school for autistic children, pubs, a youth housing charity and a homeless shelter.

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What our students say

I am a third year Philosophy and History student. My role as president is to represent Philosophy in the City and ensure our committee works well together. It was in my second year, volunteering at a charity for homeless young people, that I saw the real value of philosophy for those without an academic grounding in the subject.

Discussing philosophy develops confidence, critical thinking skills and empathy. Volunteering isn’t just about giving - by doing philosophy with those who have little or no experience of it, I am forced to explain the issues clearly and to make my own opinions understandable to a wider audience. These skills are hugely important for a good philosopher.

Emily Wright

Former Chair, Philosophy in the City

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Michaela Weberova - Presidents
Alexandra Webb - Vice President and Outreach
Czarek Broda - Treasurer and Transport
Mary Crawshaw - Secretary
Jessica Millar - Social secretary and Publicity officer
Hannah Jackson - Volunteers Secretary
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