Women in Philosophy at Sheffield

Although women are greatly underrepresented in philosophy as a discipline, our department has a long history of support for women. Our very first graduate was Alice Miller, who received a First in 1915. More recently we have twice been recognised for women-friendliness by the Society for Women in Philosophy. We run two annual Women in Philosophy events: an evening social event for women postgraduate students, and a public lecture on Women in the History of Philosophy.  35% of permanent, full-time academic staff are women, substantially above the UK average of 24%.

Jennifer Saul is very involved in work on behalf of women in philosophy. With Helen Beebee she co-authored the BPA/SWIP Women in Philosophy in the UK report and the BPA/SWIP Guidelines for Good practise. She runs the blog What is it Like to be a Woman in Philosophy, and is one of the founders of the Feminist Philosophers blog.

We have adopted the BPA/SWIP guidelines in their entirety, and we have an Equality and Diversity Committee which any undergraduates, postgraduates or staff members can join. It is always run by a postgraduate student, currently Ashley Pennington.

There are many resources for women at the University of Sheffield beyond the department as well.