The department has decided to adopt the British Philosophical Association (BPA) and Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) Good Practice Guidelines in their entirety. We believe strongly in creating a welcoming environment for all philosophers, and in particular for members of groups that are underrepresented.

Here are some important ways that we are following the guidelines:

• Anonymous searches: We are committed to anonymous longlisting and reading of writing samples for all academic jobs.

• Implicit Bias training: All teacher training carried out by the department includes a session on implicit bias.

• Diversifying syllabi seminar series, and conferences/workshops: All department members are urged to strive for diversity, aiming to include members of under-represented groups.

• Seminar discussion: The department seminar uses the One-Question-Per-Question Rule, and gives the first question to a student. Priority in discussion is also given to those who speak less frequently.

• Caregiving: The department is very committed to accommodating caregiving responsibilities. Wherever possible, teaching is scheduled to accommodate these and all important departmental events take place between 9 and 5. We have so far been able to accommodate all requests for part-time arrangements and unpaid leave.