General information on health and safety issues

The University has a responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure that all work is carried out safely. The first level of administration to ensure that this is achieved is the University Safety Services Office located in Victoria Street ( At Departmental level we have the Departmental Safety Committee in which each member has special responsibility.

Joint SoMaS Physics and Astronomy Health and Safety Committee

Name Position Room Telephone
Head of Department Chair of Joint SoMaS/Physics and Astronomy Health and Safety Committee F09a
Martin Bentley Safety Officer for Cryogenic Liquids and Pressurised Gases E24a 24576
Dr Ashley Cadby Bio D21 24280
Dr Steve Collins Safety Officer for Chemicals and COSHH E26 23511
Professor Mark Fox 4th year Tutor E14 24527
Richard French HEP E34a 23567
Paul Kemp-Russell Workshop C35 22130
Dr John MacMillan Radiation Protection Supervisor D36 23534
Dr Matt Mears Departmental Safety Officer D29 24289
Dr Andrew Parnell Polymers F12 23505
Ms Stephanie Sharples Secretary to the Health and Safety Committee F10 23519
Mr Chris Vickers Safety Officer for Cryogenic Liquids and Pressurised Gases C10 24281

In addition each major research group has nominated one member of staff to the Departmental Safety Committee. One aim of this is to expedite the completion of the necessary documentation, such as Risk Assessment forms, Safe Working Practices (SWPs) and Emergency Procedures. This will be achieved by creating an interface between the special responsibilities of the original members of the Health and Safety Committee and the instrument/experiment specific expertise of the research group members.

Research Group Members of the Health and Safety Committee

Group Name Room Telephone
Astronomy Group Mr Paul Kerry E26 23551
PPPA Group Dr John McMillan D36 23534
Low Dimensional Solids Group Maxim Makhonin E13 23522
Soft Condensed Matter Group  Dr Andrew Parnell F12 23505