Sasha Tartakovskii - Music

To write this music I do not actually use anything fancy: a rather good sequencer, sound editor and rythm program. All music is first composed for guitar and bass, which I play. In some recordings (not included here) I also play a jembo. I have two rather ancient instruments, guitar and bass.
The guitar may well be 20 years old, it's been with me for 15 years now.

Hope you enjoy the pieces



Tango is an example of a long distance collaboration. My friend Vlad Nebolsin who lives near London send me his acoustic guitar piece. I borrowed some parts of it and composed the rest around those. The result was quite interesting and rather unexpected. Most of the instruments you hear are live guitar and bass (with some digital effects on top) apart from percussion.

Download Tango in mp3 format


For this piece I borrowed a tiny part from Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Stone Flower" (I don't remember actually whether it's the name of the composition, certainly the album is called that). The rest is bass guitar and computer. The piece was composed and recorded in 1.5 hours, which you actually can hear if you listen carefully! :)

Download Jobim in mp3 format


These two pieces are essentially the same tune, one recorded with electronic sound mainly (although it has a guitar pad in the background) and the other with live guitar and bass. The piece is called October. There are lyrics to it as well (in English), which are about autumn. The piece with the live guitar is basically unfinished, here I simply put different pieces together, so that it sounds more or less complete.

Download October (guitar) in mp3 format

Download October (electronic) in mp3 format