Professor Dan Tovey

Professor Dan ToveyProfessor of Particle Physics

Contact details

  • Room: F31
  • Phone: +44 (0)114 22 23546


Group website

Research interests
  • Supersymmetry searches with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC
  • Grid computing
Research projects
  • ATLAS-upgrade for the SuperLHC
  • GridPP
  • PHY206 (lectures)
  • PHY230/PHY231 (lab head)
  • PHY201/202/203/226 (problems class leader)
  • PHY204/205/206/227 (problems class leader)
  • PHY456 (supervisor)
  • PHY462 (lectures)
Departmental administration
  • Student advisor
  • Member of the University Computational Advisory Group
  • Member of the UCAS team
  • Member of the Quantum Mechanics Vertical Committee
  • Member of the Lab Committee
  • Member of the Transferable Skills Vertical Committee
Professional activities
  • Sheffield ATLAS Team Leader
  • ATLAS-UK Physics Coordinator
  • Member of PPARC PPAP committee
  • Member of STFC PPGP committee
  • Head of Sheffield SRIF2 computing project
  • Referee for several journals and funding agencies
Recent key publications
  • D. R. Tovey. "Measuring the SUSY mass scale at the LHC", Physics Letters B, 498 (2001) 1-10.
  • D. Yu. Akimov et al. "Measurements of scintillation efficiency and pulse shape for low energy recoils in liquid xenon", Physics Letters B, 524 (2002) 245-251.
  • G. Polesello, and D. R. Tovey. "Constraining SUSY Dark Matter with the ATLAS Detector at LHC", JHEP05 (2004) 071.
  • M. M. Nojiri, G. Polesello, and D. R. Tovey. "Constraining Dark Matter in the MSSM at the LHC", JHEP03 (2006) 063.