Computer motherboardDepartmental I.T. Support

If you think that you might have a problem with the running of your computer, then please contact one of the appropriate people within the department.

Group Name Email Room
Astronomy Mr Paul Kerry E26
General Dr Steve Collins E26
General Miss Katie Walker G32

Steve and Katie are not familiar with Linux or Unix machines however, so if you are having problems with these operating systems it might be best if you talk with Paul.

Please note: With the exception of Katie who divides her time between us and SOMAS, we do not have dedicated I.T. technicians in the department. Steve and Paul do I.T. work in addition to other duties, this being the case sometimes a fast turnaround is not possible. Unless it is brought to E26, no I.T. work will be looked at by Steve or Paul whilst the teaching labs are running.

If you want Steve, Katie or Paul to look at your computer please download and fill in the help request form and bring it with your computer to room G32 or E26.

Please note: Richard Webb is no longer available to provide I.T support due to other duties.