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We’re exploring the fundamental laws of the universe and developing pioneering technologies. We look beyond our planet to tackle global challenges – from climate change to energy needs.

Scientists shed new light on the difference between matter and anti-matter

Research by the T2K collaboration indicates a difference in the behaviour of neutrinos and antineutrinos.

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HiPERCAM reveals violent flaring at the heart of a black hole system

The high-speed telescope camera is able to take more than 1,000 optical images per second.

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Spin-out to build the quantum technology of the future

AegiQ aims to be at the forefront of the second quantum revolution.

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Discover the laws of the universe alongside inspirational scientists. Our students study in a global classroom that stretches from Sheffield to CERN.

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Our researchers are finding new planets and developing cutting-edge technologies. We offer world-class PhD training to some of the most talented new physicists.

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We develop solutions that solve major industrial challenges. Read about some of our projects on the Faculty of Science website.

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