Hicks BuildingWelcome to the department

These pages will provide information on the induction material available at Departmental level. The University has provided resources which can be found on the following link:

Your first day

You will have been contacted by the university regarding providing documents to HR. Your next port of call will be CiCS to obtain your Ucard, University computing account and University email address. Your line manager will have arranged an office for you, the key, a PC and will discuss any regular meetings to attend.

Absence - Sickness

If you are absent due to illness, you should inform your line manager or PI who will record the absence on uBase.

Staff should advise:

  • date they became sick/incapable of working
  • the nature of their illness
  • whether the absence is due to an accident or injury at work or work-related illness
  • whether they will be seeking medical attention
  • whether there are any potential serious implications for others within the University community (if known) e.g. Rubella
  • the likely date of return (if known)
  • whether any work issues need to be addressed in their absence
  • agree the communication arrangements during the period of absence

A return to work (RTW) discussion will take place.

Annual leave

Please inform your line manager of planned annual leave who will log this on SAP.

Grade Leave Amount

  • Grades 1 - 6: 27 days, 3 closure days and 8 bank holidays
  • Grades 7 - 9: 30 days, 3 closure days and 8 bank holidays
  • Professorial and Equivalent 30 days, 3 closure days and 8 bank holidays

The dates of the closure days are agreed by the University Council and announced at the start of each leave year.

Part time staff receive a pro-rata entitlement to annual leave. Closure days and Bank Holidays in accordance with the University Guidelines on Public Holidays and Closure Days Entitlements for Part-time Staff.

On termination of your employment, you are entitled to take paid annual leave or payment in lieu of outstanding annual leave entitlement.

Common room

The staff common room is room D32, also known as the Austin room. The room has a fridge, microwave, a seating area and hot drink facilities.


Google Calendar is part of Google Apps for Education. It can be used to set up meetings, view colleagues' calendars and add external calendars.

The university calendar can be found through the following link:

Distribution lists

If you are searching for someone within the university, you can search by either of the links below.

Staff in the department are listed on the following link:

You can also go to ‘Hubble’ which will provide a location and phone extension for a colleague. The page also includes information on distribution lists.

http://hubble/ is an internally run service, only available from the computer network within Hicks Building.

You can enter your contact details for email and telephone lists when starting on the link below. Please use this form again if any changes to contact details are made.


All staff should complete the online DSE assessment:


The email address for orders is:

Please note that unless your request contains all the following information, we will be unable to process your order.

  • Account to charge
  • Supplier name
  • Catalogue no (if applicable)
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Cost each excluding VAT
  • COSHH ID reference number (if applicable)

NB - Please ensure orders from different suppliers are sent on separate emails.

Deliveries will either come to your office or will be delivered to colleagues in E34 who will inform you of the delivery’s arrival. Once you have checked the items are correct, the delivery note should either be processed (if trained to) or passed to colleagues in E34 to process. Unprocessed delivery notes cause difficulties in the future and may result in the supplier refusing to accept further orders from the university.

Please place purchase card claim forms, delivery notes and expenses claim forms in the trays in E34.

Fire safetyFire Safety

You are required to complete fire safety training which is available on the following link:

The fire alarm is tested on a Monday at about 9.45am. The alarm will sound for up to 30 seconds. If the alarm continues to sound then this is not a test and you should evacuate. Please familiarise yourself with the nearest and alternative routes.

First AidFirst Aid

The first aiders are:

  • Steve Collins E26
  • Simon Dixon C35


Use your username and password to log into MUSE and access googlemail/calendar/drive and many other services.

Out of hours

If you will be working outside of 8am-6pm, please complete the training.

Once the training is complete, contact Ann Davis in F10, Hicks Building who will update your access. There is a log in the porters lodge to use when working out of hours. If you have not completed the training, you should NOT work out of hours.

MSP Printers/Scanners/Photocopiers

The photocopiers are in E31 and E46. You will need your UCard to activate the machine.

There is a shredder in E31 for any confidential waste. If you have a large amount, please clearly label the items as ‘Confidential waste’ and contact the porter to collect the items for disposal.


If the porter is not in the porter’s lodge (D floor entrance) then there is a phone available at the porter’s lodge which can be used to call the porter. Please pick up the handset and press the button called porter; this will connect you to the mobile carried by the porter on duty.


The pigeon holes are in E31, photocopier room. Work related outgoing/internal post can be placed in the post trays in E34.


In the department, promotions cases are considered at the Departmental Review Panel in September. The HoD will inform staff of the timeline.

Further information on the promotions process can be found on the following link:


Staff can book refreshments using the following link:

Room Booking

The Department has three rooms available to book for meetings. These are booked via colleagues in E34.

  • E28 Meeting room
  • E36 Astro lab
  • E39 Media room

Remaining bookable room across the university can be booked by logging into MUSE, click ‘view all services’ then R and Room Booking Enquiry System.

Social Media


The department hold the SRDS meetings in July. Communication will be received from the Head of Department regarding the process and the pairing. Your reviewer will then contact you to arrange a meeting.


Basic items can be collected from the cupboard in F10.


The Green Impact pages outline a series of 'goals' for becoming a sustainable department.

Your contact in the department is Chris Rosslowe.

Sustainability in the department can be affected by direct actions and behaviour change. Do you know about the initiatives offered by the university such as car sharing, free bicycle checks? There is a shower on E floor, Hicks Building that can be used after cycling/running to work.


Training course can be booked using the Learning Management System. Please discuss your development needs with your line manager.

Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • Co-PI Co-Principal Investigator
  • DRP Departmental Review panel
  • EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • FOI Freedom of Information
  • HoD Head of Department
  • LMS Learning Management System
  • PI Principal Investigator
  • RTW Return to work
  • SRDS Staff Review and Development Scheme