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Dr Michael P. Weir was educated at Ernesford Grange School in Coventry, before moving on to The University of Nottingham where he obtained a 1st Class M.Sci. degree in Physics (2006), and The University of Sheffield where he completed a Ph.D. in Polymer Physics under the supervision of Professor Richard A. L. Jones FRS (2010). He has since held positions at the Bragg Institute of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, and the materials science publishing team at Elsevier Ltd., before returning The University of Sheffield for his current position as a post-doctoral research associate.

Mike is currently located in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Sheffield where he works under the supervision of Professor Nigel Clarke, Professor of Condensed Matter Theory and Vice-President (Science).


Mike’s current research uses the powerful averaging techniques of small-angle scattering and reflectometry to explore polymer-graphene nanocomposites. This research is funded by the EPSRC grant nicknamed ‘GRAPOL‘.

From 1st July 2017 Mike joins a new research project with Professor Richard A. L. Jones FRS in collaboration with the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

Public engagement

Mike is the Treasurer of Inspiration for Life, a small charity with close ties to The University of Sheffield. The charity promotes lifelong learning and the public understanding of science, while raising money for cancer charities, and produces the annual 24 Hour Inspire lecture marathon.


PHY227, Joint Institute of Nanjing Tech University and the University of Sheffield


Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers

  • Mullin N, Weir M, Hobbs J & Savage R (2016) Observing the deformation of polyethylene lamellae by AFM. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, Vol. 251 RIS download Bibtex download
  • Boothroyd SC, Johnson DW, Weir MP, Clarke N, Thompson RL & Coleman KS (2015) The dispersion and stability of graphene oxide in polysytrene. ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials, Vol. 2015-July RIS download Bibtex download