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Masters courses

Our masters courses focus on some of the most exciting areas of modern physics. These one-year research degrees reflect Sheffield's outstanding expertise in these fast-moving subjects. They are designed to give you the research skills and scientific expertise to make new discoveries in fields where there are many mysteries left to be solved.

We also contribute to the MSc Science Communication course, led by the University of Sheffield's Faculty of Science.

MRes Particle Physics

Learn from researchers who were part of the Higgs boson discovery, and are leading searches for dark matter, neutrinos and gravitational waves. You can develop the skills to make new discoveries at the frontiers of physics.

MRes Quantum Photonics and Nanomaterials

Bringing together expertise in quantum photonics and nanomaterials, with a particular focus on condensed matter systems.

MSc Science Communication

This exciting MSc course is taught by world-leading scientists and media practitioners in the fields of science communication and journalism. Our internationally recognised expertise, state-of-the-art media facilities and teaching staff with extensive professional experience in Fleet Street and the BBC, will provide you with unparalleled support.