Your project can be on basically anything the department researches – I worked on the ATLAS collaboration at CERN

Jack Hall
Jack Hall
Postgraduate student
MSc(Res) Particle Physics
As a member of CERN, Jack gets to work with data from the Large Hadron Collider as part of his masters course in Particle Physics. For his research, he works with the ATLAS collaboration to try and find evidence of supersymmetry – a phenomenon that could help explain dark matter.

I first found out about the MSc(Res) course when I was looking for a masters that revolved more around particle physics.

There are several theoretical physics masters out there, but I wanted something more appropriate for frontier science. After looking at the course structure and the research that was conducted here, I knew Sheffield was my prime choice.

My favourite part of the course is without a doubt the research. Your project can be on basically anything the department researches, so I chose to do my work within the ATLAS collaboration at CERN.

The department has so many areas that contribute to the ATLAS research, from detector upgrades to extended Higgs Sectors and Supersymmetry (SUSY) searches.

Jack Hall

MSc(Res) Particle Physics

As a huge fan of SUSY, I'm working with the 'Stop-0 Lepton' group, which is a type of SUSY search where we use data analysis techniques to examine the data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

I am a member of CERN, so even though I work in Sheffield, the data I use comes from CERN, and I have the option to go out there should time permit.

I followed this course straight into a PhD here at Sheffield, so everything I’ve learnt in my taught modules and research will be useful.

Ever since I arrived here, everyone has treated me so well, giving me even more reason to continue studying here.

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