Primary science: physicists reach out to primary schools

A team from the Department, including Gillian Gehring, David Mowbray, David Lidzey and Susan Cartwright, have produced thoroughly tried and tested activity guidelines appropriate for Key Stages 1 and 2, suitable both for (astro-)physicists to take into a primary schools .

For details see the new Institute of Physics website:

Each topic, as released on the new Institute of Physics website, includes full instructions on schools liaison, which demonstration materials to assemble, as well as important risk assessment guidelines. The project, funded under the EPSRC PPA scheme, allowed us to employ Ann Marks part-time. Ann brought her indispensable teaching experience to the project to develop and trial all original, newly developed materials extensively in local primary schools.
We hope that the materials on the website will be useful for anyone aiming to generate enthusiasm for physics and astronomy at the primary level, and act as a catalyst to produce a growing collection of teaching materials suitable specifically for this level. Please let us know if you find the web site helpful.