Explaining the Higgs-Boson

Talks for schools

The following table lists members of the department who will provide talks or answer queries, along with their particular areas of expertise. Just click on the person's name to go to their contact details.

Pictured right: Professor Dan Tovey explaining the Higgs-Boson at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2013 (photo by  Karl Harrison)

Name Expertise Talks
Dr Chris Booth Particle physics For A-level:
Particle Physics - Quarks, Leptons and the LHC
Neutrino Physics
Dr Susan Cartwright Particle physics
For GCSE or A level:
The Ideas of Particle Physics
Dark Matter: The Stuff of the Universe?
The Solar Neutrino Problem
Diving for Neutrinos - the Search for the Origins of Cosmic Rays

For primary schools:
A Walk Through the Universe
Prof Paul Crowther Astronomy

For infants/junior:

For GCSE and A-level:
Life, the Universe and Everything
Stellar Evolution

Prof Ed Daw Particle physics
For GCSE and A-level:
The Physics of Electromechanical Keyboard Instruments
Prof Vik Dhillon Astronomy For younger children:
Telescopes and Astronomy
For A-level:
Binary Stars
Prof Mark Fox Laser physics For A-level:
Laser Physics
Prof Gillian Gehring Condensed matter
Theoretical physics

For GCSE and A-level:
Quantum Mechanics, electrons and magnetism
Performing electrons

For Year 7-9:
'Ooooh Isn't it cold'
For Primary KS2
'Ooooh Isn't it cold'
Let's Build a Solid
Fun with magnets

Prof David Mowbray Semiconductors
Optical spectroscopy
For GCSE or A-level:
Telecommunications Lasers: Principles and Applications

For year 2:
How is Electricity Made?
For year 5:
Sounds - How Can We Describe Them?
Dr Sean Paling Particle astrophysics
For GCSE or A-level:
The Search for Dark Matter
Mining for WIMPs
Prof Neil Spooner Particle astrophysics For A-level:
The Search for Dark Matter
The History of the Universe and Dark Matter
Prof Clive Tadhunter Astronomy For A-level:
Black Holes
Quasars and Radio Galaxies
Dr Lee Thompson Particle physics
Neutrino astrophysics
For A-level:
Diving for WIMPs: Neutrino Astrophysics and the ANTARES Project
For GCSE or A-level:
Particle Physics and CERN