Ana Morales receiving her prize

Ana Morales wins the Kroto Family Science Education Prize

We are proud that our student Ana Morales was awarded the Kroto Family Science Education Prize on June 13th, 2011

Ana is currently doing her PhD in the Physics and Astronomy Department under the supervision of Prof Mark Geoghegan and in the Department of Animal and Plant Science, under the supervision of Dr Stephen Rolfe. Her project entails the study of bacterial surfaces using the Scanning Force Microscopy.

Her outreach activities include the creation of an astronomical society in her natal city of Pachuca in Mexico ( where she has given many lectures and conducted practical observations with children and the general public.

Here in the UK, Ana has participated in the STEM ambassador program, where she has explained the principles of Scanning Force Microscopy to primary school children, as a part of the Science and Engineering Week.

Ana teaches science part time at the Sheffield International College to students aiming to enter higher education in the UK. She also works at the Somali Cultural Centre in Broomhall, where she teaches Chemistry and Biology to young students in GCSE level.

The Kroto Family Science Education Prize

Professor Sir Harold and Lady Kroto are both alumni of The University of Sheffield. Harry completed his BSc in Chemistry in 1961, PhD in 1964, and received an Honorary DSc in 1995. Margaret completed her BA in Economics in 1962. In 1996 Harry was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his co-discovery of the Fullerenes.

The Kroto family have endowed an annual prize at the University of Sheffield for "the researcher who has made the most worthwhile contribution in any particular year to science education of young people locally, nationally, or globally". Open to researchers from across The University of Sheffield, applications are particularly welcomed from researchers associated with the Kroto Research Institute.