Welcome to the undergraduate astronomy web pages at the University of Sheffield.

Prospective undergraduates can currently apply for three and four-year degree programmes in Physics/Astrophysics.

We have well-equipped undergraduate laboratories and study spaces, providing a suite of powerful workstations running both Windows and Linux.

Undergraduate astronomy facilities include two observatory domes on the roof of the department, one containing a computer-controlled 0.4m telescope and the other containing a fully robotic 0.25m computer-controlled telescope called "ROSA". There is also a suite of portable telescopes for undergraduate use. The University's Bole Hill Observatory located at the edge of the Peak District National Park which previously contained a 0.6m telescope has been decomissioned and was demolished in April 2011.

Each year, we take approximately 8-10 third-year students to La Palma to use the pt5m telescope and there is also the opportunity for 1-2 students to spend their fourth year working at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes on La Palma.