ROSA Specifications

The robotic observatory houses a 0.25m (10") Meade LX200-ACF f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. A 0.67x focal reducer is permanently inserted into the telescope to give a larger field of view. Imaging is carried out via a QSI 532 CCD camera with an integrated filter wheel which has H-alpha, B, V, R and I filters.

A 80mm diameter, 400mm focal length refractor is attached to the main telescope which incorporates an unfiltered (white light) Starlight Xpress Lodestar CCD which is used for autoguiding the main telescope.

 0.25m Optical Specifications
aperture 254 mm
nominal focal length with 0.67x focal reducer 1702mm
nominal focal ratio with focal reducer f/6.7
QSI 532 CCD field of view (nominal value) 30' 0" arcmin x 20' 43" arcmin
QSI 532 CCD plate scale (nominal value) 0.8 arcsec/pixel (binned 1x1)
1.6 arcsec/pixel (binned 2x2)
QSI 532 CCD field of view (measured value) 24' 42" arcmin x 16' 39" arcmin
QSI 532 CCD plate scale (measured value) 0.68 arcsec/pixel (binned 1x1)
1.36 arcsec/pixel (binned 2x2)

0.25m CCD Specifications
Make/Model QSI 532
Imager Size (WxH) 14.85mm x 10.26mm
Pixel Array (WxH) 2254x1510 total pixels,
2184x1472 active (visible)
Pixel Size (WxH) 6.8µm x 6.8µm

0.25m Autoguider Finder Optical Specifications
aperture 80mm
focal length 400mm
focal ratio f/5
Starlight Xpress Lodestar CCD field of view 55 arcmin x 41 arcmin
Starlight Xpress Lodestar CCD plate scale 4.4 arcsec/pixel x 4.2 arcsec/pixel (binned 1x1)