List of former modules

These modules have been discontinued or the module code number has been changed, they are here for reference. Any queries regarding this material should be directed at the course lecturer or in the departmental office if the lecturer is no longer in the department.

This list should not be confused with the list of currently available modules.




PHY103 Stars and Galaxies Dr S Cartwright
PHY105 Celestial Mechanics Prof V Dhillon
PHY112 Introductory Mathematics for Physicists and Astronomers Dr V Kudryavtsev, Prof D Tovey, Dr M Mears, Dr M Mahkonin
PHY118 Professional Skills in Physics Dr C Booth, Prof J Hobbs and Dr M Mears
PHY124 Supplementary Maths for Physicists Prof D Mowbray
PHY202 Quantum Mechanics Prof D Tovey
PHY203 Thermal Physics Prof J Cockburn
PHY204 Solids Dr L Wilson
PHY205 Electromagnetism Prof D Mowbray
PHY206 Atomic Spectra Dr E Paganis
PHY206 Special Relativity Dr E Daw
PHY207 Numerical and Computational Physics Prof D Costanzo
PHY217 Techniques of Observation Dr S Littlefair
PHY225 Programming in C Prof L Thompson
PHY226 Mathematical Methods for Physics and Astronomy Dr A Buckley, Dr V Kudryavtsev and Prof D Mowbray
PHY232 The Dynamic Interstellar Medium Prof P Crowther
PHY240 The Physics of Music Prof J Cockburn
PHY307 Techniques of Problem Solving in Physics and Astrophysics Prof P Crowther and Dr C Booth
PHY309 Further Quantum Mechanics Prof D Whittaker
PHY314 An Introduction to General Relativity Dr E Daw
PHY315 Techniques of Problem Solving in Physics Dr C Booth
PHY318 Concepts of Astronomy Prof P Crowther
PHY323 Dark Matter and the Universe Prof N Spooner
PHY324 History of Astronomy Dr S Cartwright
PHY330 Metals, Semiconductors and Electrons in Solids Prof M Skolnick and Dr D Krizhanovskii
PHY331 Magnetism Prof D Lidzey
PHY331 Advanced Electrodynamics Dr P Kok
PHY333 Statistical Physics Prof N Clarke
PHY343 Group Projects in Physics Dr M Grell, Dr A Buckley and A Riley
PHY344 Reading in Theoretical Physics Prof D Whittaker
PHY401/402 Cosmic Origins Prof P Crowther, Dr S Goodwin, Dr S Littlefair and Prof C Tadhunter
PHY403 Advanced Statistical Physics Prof D Whittaker
PHY408 Directed Reading in Physics Dr E Daw
PHY410 Physics of Semiconductors Dr L Wilson and Prof M Skolnick
PHY411/412/436 Aspects of Modern Physics Dr A Cadby, Prof M Fox, Dr V Kudryavstev and Dr A Tartakovskii
PHY415 Advanced Techniques of Problem Solving in Physics Dr C Booth
PHY435 Physics in an Enterprise Culture Prof D Lidzey
PHY444 Reading in Theoretical Physics Prof D Whittaker
PHY445 Directed Reading in Astronomy Prof P Crowther
PHY451 Research Design Study Prof V Dhillon
PHY456 Project Management and Presentation Prof V Dhillon
PHY461 High Energy Astrophysics Prof C Tadhunter
PHY469 The Physics of Soft Materials Prof M Geoghegan
PHY473 Working at the ING Prof V Dhillon
PHY474 Extended Research Project in Astronomy Prof V Dhillon
PHY476 Galactic Dynamics Dr S Cartwright