Fourth Year Physics Information

Mark Pipe working with a Germanium detector at the Boulby mine

Contact Role
Prof Mark Fox Fourth Year Physics Tutor
Prof David Mowbray Senior Tutor

Health and Safety information

Your PHY480 project may involve experimental work. If this is the case,

  • you and your supervisor must complete a Risk Assessment for the project;
  • you must not work unsupervised in any laboratory;
  • you must have undergone appropriate training before using equipment.

Laser safety 

The University policy on working with lasers states that "Students involved in project work and working with Class 3B or Class 4 lasers will be treated as laser workers and should be registered with Health & Safety."  Click here to be taken to the registration page.  

You must also do some online safety training on lasers: click here to be taken to the training videos on Google Drive.

Dates and deadlines

All paper submissions are to the F floor hub (F10).

All electronic submissions are to Turnitin UK or to a Turnitin assignment on the relevant MOLE page; your lecturer will provide you with the appropriate information.

Semester Day, Week Event
Autumn Monday, Wk 1 Fourth year (and PHY480) meeting.
Autumn Friday, Wk 12 Deadline for submission of the PHY480 1st semester report.
Spring Friday, Wk 12 Deadline for submission of the PHY480 final report.