List of available modules

Most of the following modules have web-based teaching resources available. Any queries regarding this material should be directed at the course lecturer.

Some module codes have been changed for 2016-17, if the module you require is not on this list please see the list of former modules.

For modules that have multiple names in the Contacts/Lecturer column, the first name shown is the module leader.




Medical Physics modules All medical physics and clinical engineering modules are found on the linked page.
PHY009/10 Foundations of Physics Dr Martin Grell and Dr Paul Smith
PHY101 Mechanics, Waves, Optics and Special Relativity Dr Trevor VickeyDr William Durham, Dr Matt Mears and Prof Neil Spooner
PHY102 Electromagnetism, Thermal and Quantum Mechanics Dr Pieter Kok, Dr Chris Booth, Prof Mark Fox and Dr Rhoda Hawkins
PHY104 Introduction to Astrophysics Prof Paul Crowther
PHY106 The Solar System Dr Katherine Inskip
PHY111 Our Evolving Universe Prof Simon Goodwin
PHY113/114/118 Professional Skills in Physics Dr Mark Quinn, Dr Ashley Cadby and Dr Paul Smith
PHY115/116 Professional Skills in Physics and Astronomy Dr Katherine Inskip, Dr Ashley Cadby and Dr Mark Quinn
PHY119 Frontiers of Physics Prof Ed Daw, Dr Jenny Clark, Dr William Durham and Dr Justyn Maund
PHY120 (Formerly PHY112 & MAS165) Mathematics for Physicists and Astronomers Dr Matt Mears, Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti, Prof Nigel Clarke, Prof Paul Crowther, Dr Pieter Kok, Dr Stuart Littlefair, Dr Mark Quinn, Dr Paul Smith and Prof David Whittaker
PHY123 The Physics of Sustainable Energy Dr Cosmo Lupo
PHY125 Fundamental Physics for Chemical Physicists Dr Matt Mears, Dr William Durham and Prof Neil Spooner
PHY165 Supplementary maths for Theoretical Physics Prof David Whittaker, Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti, Prof Nigel Clarke and Dr Stuart Littlefair
PHY213 Stellar Structure and Evolution Dr Katherine Inskip
PHY216 Galaxies Prof Clive Tadhunter
PHY221 Classical Physics Dr Rhoda Hawkins
PHY227 Optics Prof Alexander Tartakovskii
PHY229 Extrasolar Planets and Astrobiology Prof Simon Goodwin
PHY230 Experimental Physics I Dr Matt Mears, Dr William Durham, Dr Dimitrios Kontziampasis and Dr John McMillan
PHY231 Experimental Physics II Dr Matt Mears, Dr William Durham, Dr Dimitrios Kontziampasis and Dr John McMillan
PHY235 Programming in Python Dr Mark Quinn
PHY236 Computational Physics for Theoretical Physicists Dr Mark Quinn, Dr Christos Anastopoulos and Dr Rhoda Hawkins
PHY241 Observational Astronomy Dr Stuart Littlefair and Mr Paul Kerry
PHY242 Astronomical Spectroscopy Dr Katherine Inskip
PHY245 The Physics of Materials Dr Ashley Cadby
PHY245N The Physics of Materials [Nanjing - semester 2] Dr Dimitrios Kontziampasis and Prof David Mowbray
PHY248 Physics with LabVIEW Dr William Durham
PHY250 From Electromagnetism to Quantum Mechanics Prof David Mowbray, Dr Alistair BuckleyProf Mark Geoghegan, Prof Richard Jones, Prof Vitaly Kudryavtsev, Dr Matthew Malek and Dr Trevor Vickey
PHY251 From Thermodynamics to Atomic and Nuclear Physics Prof Jamie Hobbs, Prof Richard Jones, Prof Dmitry Krizhanovskii, Prof Vitaly Kudryavtsev and Dr Matthew Malek
PHY290 Solids and Fourier Techniques [Nanjing - semester 1] Prof Davide Costanzo and Prof Mark Geoghegan
PHY291 Differential Equations and Electromagnetism [Nanjing - semester 1] Prof David Mowbray and Dr Trevor Vickey
PHY292 Quantum Mechanics [Nanjing - semester 1] Prof Lee Thompson
PHY293 Thermal Physics [Nanjing - semester 2] Dr Susan Cartwright and Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti
PHY294 Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics and Special Relativity [Nanjing - semester 2] Prof Lee Thompson and Dr Trevor Vickey
PHY300 Study Abroad Dr Susan Cartwright
PHY303 Nuclear Physics Prof Neil Spooner
PHY304 Particle Physics Dr Chris Booth
PHY305 Stellar Atmospheres Prof Clive Tadhunter
PHY306/406 Introduction to Cosmology Dr James Mullaney
PHY313 Mathematical Physics Prof Nigel Clarke
PHY319 Astronomy Project Prof Clive Tadhunter and Prof Vik Dhillon
PHY320 Nuclear Astrophysics Dr Matthew Malek
PHY326/426 Dark Matter and the Universe Prof Neil Spooner
PHY327/427 History of Astronomy Dr Susan Cartwright
PHY328/428 Advanced Programming in Python Prof Davide Costanzo and Dr Christos Anastopoulos
PHY332 Atomic and Laser Physics Prof Mark Fox
PHY339 Statistical Physics Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti
PHY340 Problem Solving and Advanced Skills in Physics Dr Chris Booth, Dr Alistair Buckley and Prof Simon Goodwin
PHY341 Physics Level 3 Project I Dr Chris Booth
PHY342 Physics Level 3 Project II Dr Chris Booth
PHY346 Group Industrial Project in Physics (GRiP) Dr Alistair Buckley, Dr Ashley Cadby, Prof Simon Goodwin, Dr Martin Grell and Prof Lee Thompson
PHY347/447 Physics in an Enterprise Culture Prof David Lidzey and Dr Alistair Buckley
PHY349/449 Further Quantum Mechanics Prof David Whittaker
PHY350 Problem Solving and Advanced Skills in Physics/Astrophysics Prof Clive Tadhunter, Dr Chris Booth, Dr Alistair Buckley and Prof Simon Goodwin
PHY377/477 The Physics of Soft Condensed Matter Dr Martin Grell
PHY380 Solid State Physics Prof Dimitry Krizhanovskii
PHY381/481 Advanced Electrodynamics Dr Pieter Kok
PHY382/482 Semiconductor Physics and Technology Dr Luke Wilson and Prof Maurice Skolnick
PHY391 Quantum Information Laboratory Dr Luke Wilson, Dr Pieter Kok and Dr Maxim Makhonin
PHY392 Physical Computing Prof Ed Daw
PHY393 Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory Dr Dimitrios Kontziampasis, Dr William Durham, Prof David Lidzey, Dr John McMillan and Dr Andrew Parnell
PHY393N Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory [Nanjing] Dr Dimitrios Kontziampasis
PHY394 Physics Education and Outreach Dr Susan Cartwright and Dr Katherine Inskip
PHY404 Star Formation and Evolution Prof Paul Crowther and Dr Richard Parker
PHY405 Galaxy Formation and Evolution Dr James Mullaney
PHY407 Physics Communication and Impact Dr Matt Mears
PHY414 Introduction to General Relativity Prof Ed Daw
PHY418 Particle Astrophysics Dr Susan Cartwright
PHY420 Biological Physics Dr Rhoda Hawkins, Dr Ashley CadbyDr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti
PHY421 Advanced Particle Physics Prof Dan Tovey and Prof Lee Thompson
PHY422 Magnetic Resonance: Principles and Applications Prof Alexander Tartakovskii
PHY466 The Development of Particle Physics Prof Vitaly Kudryavtsev
PHY472 Advanced Quantum Mechanics Dr Pieter Kok and Dr Earl Campbell
PHY475 Optical Properties of Solids Prof Mark Fox
PHY480 Research Project in Physics and Astronomy Prof Mark Fox
PHY6340 Physics Research Skills Dr Matt Mears
PHY6480 Research Project in Physics Prof Mark Geoghegan
PHY6510 Theory and Practical Application of Imaging
PHY6520 Image Analysis
PHY6540 Imaging Life
PHY6550 Imaging Across the Disciplines
PHY6580 Imaging Project Dr Ashley Cadby and Dr William Durham