List of available modules

Most of the following modules have web-based teaching resources available. Any queries regarding this material should be directed at the course lecturer.

Some module codes have been changed for 2016-17, if the module you require is not on this list please see the list of discontinued modules here

Prof L Roszkowskii




Medical Physics modules All medical physics and clinical engineering modules in a single PDF download
PHY009/10 Foundations of Physics Dr P SmithDr M Grell (Module Leader)
PHY101 Mechanics, Waves, Optics and Special Relativity Dr M Mears, Dr T Vickey, Dr W Durham and Prof N Spooner
PHY102 Electromagnetism, Thermal and Quantum Mechanics Dr C Booth, Dr Rhoda Hawkins, Dr Pieter Kok and Prof M Fox
PHY104 Introduction to Astrophysics Prof P Crowther
PHY106 The Solar System Dr K Inskip
PHY111 Our Evolving Universe Prof S Goodwin
PHY113/114/118 Professional Skills in Physics Dr M Quinn, Dr A Cadby and Dr P Smith
PHY115/116 Professional Skills in Physics and Astronomy Dr K Inskip, Dr M Quinn and Dr A Cadby
PHY119 Frontiers of Physics Dr E Daw, Dr William Durham, Dr Jenny Clark and Dr J Maund
PHY120 (Formerly PHY112 & MAS165) Mathematics for Physicists and Astronomers Dr M Quinn, Dr Pieter Kok, Prof Nigel Clarke,  Prof P CrowtherProf D WhittakerDr M Mears, Prof Stuart Littlefair  and Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti
PHY123 The Physics of Sustainable Energy Prof Mark Geoghegan
PHY125 Fundamental Physics for Chemical Physicists Dr M Mears, Dr W Durham and Prof N Spooner
PHY165 Supplementary maths for Theoretical Physics Prof D Whittaker, Prof Nigel Clarke, Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti and Prof Stuart Littlefair
PHY213 Stellar Structure and Evolution Dr K Inskip
PHY216 Galaxies Prof C Tadhunter
PHY221 Classical Physics Dr Rhoda Hawkins
PHY227 Optics Prof A Tartakovskii
PHY229 Extrasolar Planets and Astrobiology Prof S Goodwin
PHY230 Experimental Physics I Dr M Mears, Dr Zeng Hai Lu, Dr J McMillan and Dr W Durham
PHY231 Experimental Physics II Dr M Mears, Dr Zeng Hai Lu, Dr J McMillan and Dr W Durham
PHY235 Programming in Python Dr M Quinn
PHY236 Computational Physics for Theoretical Physicists Dr M Quinn Dr C Anastopoulos and Dr R Hawkins
PHY241 Observational Astronomy Dr S Littlefair
PHY242 Astronomical Spectroscopy Dr K Inskip
PHY245 The Physics of Materials Dr A Cadby
PHY248 Physics with LabVIEW Dr W Durham
PHY250 From Electromagnetism to Quantum Mechanics Prof D MowbrayDr A Buckley, Prof M Geoghegan, Dr M Malek, Prof V KudryavtsevDr T Vickey and Prof R Jones
PHY251 From Thermodynamics to Atomic and Nuclear Physics Prof J Hobbs, Dr D Krizhanovskii, Dr V Kudryavtsev, Dr M Malek and Prof R Jones
PHY300 Study Abroad Dr S Cartwright
PHY303 Nuclear Physics Prof N Spooner
PHY304 Particle Physics Dr C Booth
PHY305 Stellar Atmospheres Prof C Tadhunter
PHY306/406 Introduction to Cosmology Dr J Mullaney
PHY313 Mathematical Physics Prof N Clarke
PHY319 Astronomy Project Prof C Tadhunter and Prof V Dhillon
PHY320 Nuclear Astrophysics Dr M Malek
PHY326/426 Dark Matter and the Universe Prof N Spooner
PHY327/427 History of Astronomy Dr S Cartwright
PHY328/428 Advanced Programming in Python Prof D Costanzo
PHY332 Atomic and Laser Physics Prof M Fox
PHY339 Statistical Physics Dr B Chakrabarti
PHY340 Problem Solving and Advanced Skills in Physics Dr C Booth, Prof Simon Goodwin and Dr A Buckley
PHY341 Physics Level 3 Project 1 Dr C Booth
PHY342 Physics Level 3 Project 2 Dr C Booth
PHY346 Group Industrial Project in Physics (GRiP) Dr A Buckley, Dr M Grell, Dr A Cadby, Prof S Goodwin and Prof L Thompson
PHY347/447 Physics in an Enterprise Culture Prof D Lidzey and Dr A Buckley
PHY349/449 Further Quantum Mechanics Prof D Whittaker
PHY350 Problem Solving and Advanced Skills in Physics/Astrophysics Dr C Booth, Prof Simon Goodwin, Prof C Tadhunter and Dr Alastair Buckley
PHY377/477 The Physics of Soft Condensed Matter Dr M Grell
PHY380 Solid State Physics Dr D Krizhanovskii
PHY381/481 Advanced Electrodynamics Dr P Kok
PHY382/482 Semiconductor Physics and Technology Dr L Wilson and Prof Maurice Skolnick
PHY391 Quantum Information Laboratory Dr L Wilson, Dr P Kok and Dr M Makhonin
PHY392 Physical Computing Dr E Daw
PHY393 Microscopy and Spectroscopy Laboratory Dr Zeng Hai Lu, Prof D Lidzey, Dr W Durham, Dr A Parnell and Dr J McMillan
PHY394 Physics Education and Outreach Dr S Cartwright and Dr K Inskip
PHY404 Star Formation and Evolution Prof P Crowther and Prof S Goodwin
PHY405 Galaxy Formation and Evolution Dr J Mullaney
PHY407 Physics Communication & Impact Dr M Mears
PHY414 Introduction to General Relativity Dr Ed Daw
PHY418 Particle Astrophysics Dr S Cartwright
PHY420 Biological Physics Dr R Hawkins and Dr A Cadby
PHY421 Advanced Particle Physics Prof D Tovey and Prof L Thompson
PHY422 Magnetic Resonance: Principles and Applications Prof A Tartakovskii
PHY466 The Development of Particle Physics Prof V Kudryavtsev
PHY472 Advanced Quantum Mechanics Dr P Kok
PHY475 Optical Properties of Solids Prof M Fox
PHY480 Research Project in Physics and Astronomy Prof M Fox