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Information for new undergraduates

Welcome to The University of Sheffield and the first year of your degree programme.

We do hope that you enjoy your time with us and want to make sure that you are well informed and sure of your options, obligations and choices while you are with us.
This website is a comprehensive guide to everything you will need to know throughout your first year. However, we always encourage you to contact your year tutors, your personal tutors or any one of our academic or secretarial support staff if you need some extra guidance or support. We are all here for you, to help make your academic journey as smooth as possible.

The 1st year team,
Pieter Kok (L1 Physics tutor) , Katherine Inskip (L1 Astronomy tutor) and Cara Hammond and Flora Dyson (Student Support Advisers)


The Academic year is divided into two 15 week semesters, each composed of 12 weeks of teaching, followed
by 3 weeks of examinations on the completed units. There is an autumn and a spring semester: the Autumn
semester (semester 1) comprises the teaching before the Christmas holiday and the examination period
immediately following; Spring semester (semester 2) starts in early February and concludes with an
examination period in late May/early June. Semester one has a reading week in November and semester two
is split by the Easter holiday, during which there are no lectures and you have the opportunity to revise and
catch up on the lectures.

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