PHY102 - Electromagnetism, Thermal and Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

Prof Pieter Kok (Module Leader)


Dr Chris Booth



Prof Mark Fox

Properties of Matter

Dr Rhoda Hawkins

Module Summary

This is the second of two modules that constitute the first year physics core material. Electromagnetism covers the Coulomb force, concepts of electric field, potential and potential energy, magnetic fields and inductance. Also included are capacitance, Kirchhoff’s laws and simple networks. It consolidates and develops electromagnetism from A level or Foundation Year standard to the point where, in the second year, it can be used as a firm foundation for courses in solid state and atomic physics. Thermal physics provides an introduction to the properties of matter, the conservation of energy and the transfer of energy through heat and work. The course reaches the edge of quantum mechanics at its end. Throughout, emphasis is placed on concepts, the encouragement of independent study and development of problem solving skills.


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