PHY250 - From Electromagnetism to Quantum Mechanics

Fourier & Electromagnetism

Prof David Mowbray (Module Leader)

Ordinary Differential Equations

Prof Davide Costanzo



Partial Differential Equations

Prof Vitaly Kudryavtsev

Quantum Mechanics

Dr Trevor Vickey

Special Relativity

Dr Trevor Vickey

Molecular structureModule Summary

This course provides the first half of second year core physics. A rigorous introduction to quantum mechanics is provided via the Schrodinger equation and its application to a number of quantum systems. Special relativity is applied to the study of dynamics of particles travelling close to the speed of light. The nature and structure of solids is covered, as is a full description of the properties of electric and magnetic fields leading to the prediction of electromagnetic waves. Physics topics are supported by relevant mathematics, including differential equations needed to understand a wide range of dynamic systems and Fourier transforms, the maths behind MP3 encoding and other applications in contemporary science.


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