PHY391 - Quantum Information Laboratory

Dr Luke Wilson

Contact Details

Phone: 0114 22 23532
Room: E17


Dr Maxim Makhonin

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Phone: 0114 22 23522
Room: E13


Dr Pieter Kok

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Phone: 0114 22 23538
Room: E12A


Module Summary

This predominantly laboratory-based module provides a foundation in quantum optics experiments and associated theory. The quantum nature of light will be studied in core experiments involving single photon generation and detection, measurements of photon statistics and photon interference. Experimental activities will be supported by a series of lectures and problems classes. The link with quantum information research is made through research seminars from university research groups and companies, plus a ‘journal club’ where key scientific papers are presented and discussed. Transferable skills acquired will prepare students for higher study and employment in industries involving quantum technologies.


Module description


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