Second year contacts

Please feel free to contact the following people at any time about academic or social aspects of your degree.

Lecturers - Autumn semester
Module Lecturer
PHY221 - Topics in Classical Physics Dr Rhoda Hawkins
PHY2300 - Experimental Physics I (Laboratory) Dr Chloe McDaid, Dr Matt MearsDr Mack Durham, Dr B Sala
PHY235 - Programming in Python Dr Mark Quinn
PHY2360 - Professional Skills for Theoretical Physicists Dr Mark QuinnDr Chloe McDaid, Dr Rhoda Hawkins
PHY245 - Physics of Materials Dr Ashley Cadby
PHY250 - From Electromagnetism to Quantum Mechanics Prof David Mowbray, Dr Trevor Vickey, Dr Vitaly KudryavtsevProf Davide Costanzo and Prof Richard Jones


Lecturers - Spring semester
Module Lecturer
PHY231 - Experimental Physics 2 (Laboratory) Dr Chloe McDaid, Dr Matt Mears, Dr Mack Durham
PHY2360 - Computational Physics for Theoretical Physicists Dr Mark Quinn, Dr Chloe McDaidDr Rhoda Hawkins
PHY240 - Physics of Music Prof Nigel Clarke
PHY248 - Physics with LabVIEW Dr Mack Durham
PHY251 - From Thermodynamics to Atomic and Nuclear Physics Prof Richard JonesProf Jamie Hobbs, Prof Dmitry Krizhanovskii, Dr Vitaly KudryavtsevProf Lee Thompson


Dr Vitaly Kudryavtsev - 2nd Year Tutor
Dr Chris Booth
Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti
Prof Ed Daw (Spring semester)
Prof Mark Fox
Prof Dmitry Krizhanovskii
Dr Matthew Malek (Autumn semester)
Prof David Mowbray
Dr Andrew Parnell
Dr Trevor Vickey


Laboratory Supervisors
Dr Chloe McDaid (Head - Physics)
Dr Matt Mears
Dr Mack Durham


Laboratory technician
Mr Richard Webb