Departments of Physics and Astronomy and Medical Physics

Staff Student Committee

The Staff Student Committee provides a forum via which students can convey any concerns they may have to the departments.

The committee meets twice per semester (dates given below). Its membership consists of academic members of staff (including the Senior Tutor and Director of Teaching) and undergraduate students.

The committee aims to have student representatives from all years (including MPhys) and all major degree programmes.

If you have any concerns or comments regarding teaching or any aspect of the organisation of the departments you are encouraged to pass these to one of the committee representatives (see list on MOLE) who will raise the matter at the next committee meeting. Items raised by committee representatives will be treated anonymously if requested.

If you are interested in serving as a representative on the committee please contact the current chair, details on MOLE, who will be happy to provide further information.

Dates of meetings in 2017/18

  • Wednesday 25th October
  • Wednesday 6th December
  • Wednesday 7th March
  • Wednesday 25th April