Submitting assessed course work

Most course work is marked anonymously - that is the marker does not know which student produced the piece of work.

To identify the work as yours, so that you are credited with your marks, you must attach a bar-coded cover sheet  by stapling it to the front of your submission.

Cover sheets

Cover sheets are available a week before the submission date.  You can obtain a cover sheet for a specific assignment from this link: 

You need to login with your MUSE username and password.  Print out the cover sheet.  If more than one assignment is listed, make sure you choose the correct one (look for module code, submission description, and if relevant group number).

IMPORTANT NOTE: cover sheets are specific to individual students and individual pieces of work.  If you get a friend to print out a cover sheet for you, your marks may not be credited to you.  If you use a cover sheet for a different assignment, it could be directed to the wrong marker causing a delay in the work being marked and returned.

Submitting work

Submit your work (with the cover sheet firmly attached) using the drop box just outside room F10, Hicks Building.  (It is to the right of the reception double doors, quite low down in the wall - see the picture below.)  Work can be submitted any time the Hicks Building is open.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the pigeonholes on the right of the corridor as you approach F10 are for returning marked work to you.  DO NOT put your work for submission in here, we will not find it.


The submission deadline is usually set at 12:00 or 16:00 on the submission date - make sure you know which time applies to your assignment.  The drop box is emptied immediately after the deadline time.  Any coursework submitted after the deadline time will be classed as LATE.

Return of marked work

Once marked, bar-coded submitted work is available for collection from the labelled piegonholes on the right of the corridor as you approach F10.  The module leader or marker will usually let you know when the marked work is ready for collection.  Please collect your marked work as soon as you can.

F10 Reception with Dropbox