Module choice for 2019 - 2020

Below you will see a link to the Physics and Astronomy module choice website:

This site is accessible by anyone who has the link so everyone should be able to access it, however, If you have problems accessing this site please let us know.

The information below only applies to you if your programme of study includes module choice.

If all the modules for your degree are core you need not take any further action with regard to module choice, as you have no additional choices to make.

Please be aware that carrying out your module choice on line does not lead to full registration; on line module choice is the first step in registering for next year. You will then need to complete the registration process once you receive your exams results; Registry Services will notify you of when you can complete your registration at the same time as you are informed of your exam results.

On line module choice will open via MUSE from 8.00am on the 29 April 2019. When you have made a note of the modules you would like to take and you have checked them carefully to make sure they are correct and you have the required prerequisites you will need to log into MUSE and click on the myServices tab then on myRecord.

Here are some step by step instructions to help you through the module choice process:

Start by reading the MODULE CHOICE: INTRODUCTION page;
Follow the links from the PROGRAMME REGULATIONS page to reach your degree programme and level;
Read the regulations carefully in conjunction with the notes on your programme page, and draw up a list of modules you might like to choose;
Use the PRE-REQUISITES AND MODULE INFORMATION pages to find more information about modules, and to check that you have the correct pre-requisites;
Take especial note of the semester that modules are in, and make sure that your choice gives you an even split of credits across the two semesters;
When you have finished your considerations, make a list of your choice of modules.  Check pre-requisites and credit balance one last time, then log in to MUSE and enter your choice online from 30 April.

Module choice must be completed by 5pm on Friday 17 May 2019, preferably before.

You will have chance to make changes during add/drop at the start of semester in September.