Process Improvement Projects

Typically lasting three to six months and involving either:

  •   A Process Improvement Event lasting three to five days;
  •   One or more workshops where an improvement event is not appropriate or possible

For more information on about our process Improvement Projects, visit our 'How we do it' pages

Half and One Day Problem Definition/Scoping Workshops

Where the nature and importance of problems is not clear

Process Mapping Workshops

One day workshops to map current processes

Half and One Day Process Design Workshops

To understand what is needed from the new process and design an efficient process from the start. 

Process Advice and Guidance 

Informal advice and guidance about process problems and possible improvements

Process Improvement Consultancy 

We offer our expert Lean view on how you can improve your processes. 

Process 'health check' post improvement project

This can be conducted any time after a process improvement project, usually eighteen months to two years. The aim is to look at how well the process is still working and to look at any problems or ideas for improvement that have arisen.