Overseas placements & Bursary Scheme

Year-long and summer placement opportunities are not just restricted to the UK; there are many placement opportunities available across the globe!

Undertaking a work placement overseas can result in increased self-confidence and greater awareness of other cultures and work practices. It enables you to be better equipped to work in a competitive, global economy.

International Placement Bursaries

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Going overseas this summer?

Each year students from the University of Sheffield undertake summer placements across the globe, in a variety of different industries.

Summer is approaching and if you’re a first, second or penultimate year student about to undertake part in a summer placement in a country which is different from your home country, and outside the UK, then we maybe able to help you! Whether it's paid or unpaid, 3 months or 3 weeks, any kind of work experience counts and we maybe able to help you financially.

We're working with Global Opportunities and Exchanges and the Faculty of Social Sciences, to support students who want to embark on a summer placement and enhance their global learning. We know that many overseas placements aren't paid and also are financially more expensive for students. We also know that global experiences are extremely rewarding and beneficial for those students who undertake them. That's why we're working to provide bursaries for students who will be travelling outside of their home country and the UK to enhance their career prospects.

Due to massive demand, overseas bursaries and advantage overseas bursaries are now closed.

Despite the bursaries being closed please Let us know that you're going on summer placement and we’ll keep you informed prior to the summer about things you should know before you go. We’ll also keep in touch with you over the summer, reminding you how to make the most of your time on placement so that when you return to University you have lots of contacts and can use your experience to distinguish yourself above others. If you need help, while you’re away from University over the summer – we’ll be here to help too.

Where can you go?

The ‘world is your oyster’, as they say! Students from the UoS have been all over the world this summer, undertaking work placements in countries such as: France, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Morocco and Spain. So, where would you like to go?

Where to look?

A good starting point for overseas placements is to explore MyInternational career and Going global. Both sites are available through the Careers Service.

A gateway to information about careers in 64 different countries.

In addition to providing country guides and other useful information, lists placement opportunities available across the world.

A useful website where you can search and apply for placement opportunities overseas and stay up-to-date with the latest placement opportunities in Europe. Erasmus placements may be eligible for funding; find out more via our Funding and financial support page.

Overseas placements may require more planning and can be financially more expensive than a UK-based placement. For help and advice with these issues, download our help sheet.

Do you need to speak another language?

Some companies will require you to speak the language of the country you are going to in order to take a placement with them (but not all!). Not being able to currently speak another language doesn’t have to be a barrier.

The Modern Languages Teaching Centre offers a wide range of modules, from beginner to advanced level in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish. Students can continue a language they have already learnt or start a new one.

Some degrees allow the opportunity to take these modules as part of your course, or students can opt to take a module on a self-funded basis or, under certain conditions, for free as part of the University of Sheffield's Languages for All scheme.

Always be honest with any potential employers regarding your level of fluency when applying for placements.

Convention de stage

If you wish to undertake an internship in France, it is required by French law that you complete a Convention de Stage.

This is a form required in French (but for the University purposes, it is required to be in both French and English) and outlines the tripartite agreement between the University of Sheffield (TUoS), the student and the firm or company where the placement/internship will take place.