Postgraduate internships

Why should I do an internship?

See what one of our students Scott says about his internship experience:

Carla, a previous PhD intern, shares how her internship helped her to successfully gain her graduate role:

"My intern provider provided me with detailed feedback that highlighted skills that I didn’t know I had or ones that I hadn’t really considered before. This made me a lot more confident in applying for jobs as I had some sort of validation from an outside source that I had those skills."

Find out more in her case study on the right hand side of the page.

Help and guidance

We can help you if you are  considering an internship, organising your own or are making an application to an existing scheme. 

If you are a PhD student wanting to do an internship that is not part of your PhD, come and talk to us. 

For more information contact us at:

Postgraduate taught students

If you are a PGT student, you may have the opportunity to do an internship as part of your degree, or immediately afterwards.

Postgraduate Advantage Scheme

If you are a postgraduate student, with a home department within the Faculty of Social Sciences, you can apply for a bursary to undertake a paid internship with a range of not-for-profit and small-medium enterprise organisations.

Other resources

These resources may be helpful to you for planning your internship, and for marketing your experience once you’ve completed it.