Student profiles

Some of our graduates share their experiences of what it's like to study politics, live and work in Sheffield and what they've gone on to do since graduating.

Photo of student laughing with group of friends

Edward Parker - Public Affairs

"You really open your mind and have a much better understanding of what is a complex and interconnected world."

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Luke Gibson - Campaign Co-ordinator

"Get involved with a campaigning society in the Students’ Union – you can have a real impact!"

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Natalie Johnson - PR Account Manager

"You are guaranteed to learn something new every day."

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Alex Miles - Senior Public Affairs and Policy Adviser

"Studying at the University of Sheffield was, without doubt, the best time of my life..."

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Ben Jones - Political Advisor / PhD

"It gave me a great grounding for working in politics after graduation."

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Christian Marroni - Head of Media Relations

"Sheffield has something which many other universities in the UK can’t offer."

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Joe Twyman - Director of Political and Social Research, YouGov

"Be prepared, be different and be resilient, but more importantly: do it all."

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Ifrah Ismail - graduate

"Being given the chance to study abroad was one of the best experiences to be offered when first arriving and remains a top experience that I recommend other students to pursue".

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Joelle Cheong - graduate

"The culture of both the university and city have been so great for an international student studying in the UK."

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Study abroad profiles

Jeevan Mehat

Jeevan Mehat went to Brisbane, Australia to study at Griffith University.

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Ian Goley

Ian Goley went to Oregon, USA to study at State University.

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