Picture of Dr Aleida Guevara's visit to the Students' UnionHundreds Hear Dr Aleida Guevara Speak at University of Sheffield

Hundreds of people turned out to hear Dr Aleida Guevara speaking about Cuba’s rapid response last week when she visited the University of Sheffield.

The paediatrician from Havana, Cuba, and eldest daughter of Che Guevara, visited the University to speak about her country’s response to the Ebola epidemic and ending the economic blockade of the island. The event was hosted by the Department of Politics, the SUSU Politics Society and the SUSU Latin American Society, with the assistance of the Sheffield Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

The event was a huge success, with guests lining the Students’ Union Auditorium to hear Dr Guevara speak.

Dr Steve Ludlam, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics, said: “I was delighted, astonished actually, that over 500 students and others turned out to hear Cuban paediatrician Aleida Guevara March speak. It is probably the biggest public lecture the Department of Politics has ever organised and we owe thanks to the Politics Society and the Latin American Society for co-hosting.

“Cuba’s medical internationalism is, as Sheffield alumnus Professor John Kirk has put it, ‘the greatest story never told’. Because of Cuba’s rapid and unmatched commitment of medical volunteers to the terrifying frontline of the Ebola crisis, it is beginning to be properly recognised. To hear this story from Aleida, herself a veteran of medical missions in Africa, was gripping and inspirational.

“To say the least, it poses many political questions about priorities and principles in international relations, and should encourage us to think about why Cuban society is capable of this role, notwithstanding the crippling US embargo against it.”

Picture of Dr Aleida Guevara with members of the Politics Society